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USO bumper stickers for sale........

OK, I have been living in a cave. Forgive my ignorance, but what does "USO" standfor? I live in MAryland, and thought it still had something to do with entertaining our troops. Someone please educate me.
John, USO is "United States Outfitters" a large outfitting & licensing service out of New Mexico who recently sued the state of Arizona to get more tags for their high dollar cliants, and all non-resident hunters in general, at the expense of Arizona resident hunters.
They won the Az lawsuite, and now are attempting to sue several other western states for more tags.
It is predicted that in the long run, this will drive the price of big game tags in the trophy units up sky high, and make it almost impossable for the average guy to get a tag.
Many many people are really pissed at them, and are fighting this.
Is there any way we can make things tough on USO so there client base falls? I am on the other side of the country but in the next few years, I am planning to move back to Nevada to be closer to my Mother and Sister who are both getting up in years. I would really like to be able to buy some resident tags when I get there. What can we do as fellow hunters from over here?
Unless you have more money than their clients do, there is not much you can do. Put pressure on them all you like, but until their pocket is hurt they won't listen. We all just need to pray that the Courts open their eyes and decide against them. Just my humble opinion.
USO has a T.V. show on the outdoor network. Many people have been calling/e-mailing their sponsers, and a few have pulled the sponsership.
Others can answer this better than me.
Elkrack 6X6, DanR55 or Vanilla Gorilla, you guys want to field this one ?

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