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unit 20 elk colorado


New member
May 10, 2001
has anybody hunted unit 20 for muzzleloader elk.im looking at buying a landowner tag for this unit.any info would be greatly appreciated.thanks


New member
Mar 2, 2001
ID - Boundary County
RUTTIN.....Just curious, I assumed that all muzzle permits were by drawing only, even private land, and I didn't see any left over licenses for Unit 20. Is this a separate season that I am not aware of or you just going to hunt witl a M/L during regular rifle season.

Oh yes, Oak is correct in that there are plenty of Elk in Unit 20. It butts right up against Rocky Mtn. National Park.....Most private land is east of Estes Park but plenty of elk moving through there all the time.

I hunted the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area years back for about 3 years straight and was always able to bag a good bull. I think the Wilderness is in Unit 20.