TK's Babe Magnet!!


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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
Here's a few pictures of my babe magnet!!


truck2.jpg's what "nice exhaust" is!! Dual exhaust w/ Flowmaster Mufflers and 3 1/2" chrome tips!!


I'm gonna upload a picture of my dads truck in a little while and I'll post in on here too.
God damn TK, i thought you said you got a chick magnet, not a car!
Those tie downs on the sides look pretty %#@!$! stupid though. Also in that third pic it looks like the right side of your truck is saggin'. Funny how thats the passengers side??? I thought you were picking up chicks not cows! Gonna have to put dual shocks on the right side for the chicks you'll be hauling around.....literally.....HAULING

Clean the frickin' driveway!!!!....sheeesh,kids have no sense of responsibility.
and fix the fence.....they let you live there for free with all them repairs needed around there??

Nice looking truck tho. Now pull them flowmasters off and run straight pipes back straight from the catalytic converter. That sounds nice.
Nice car! My Buddy has one just like it. They tow real well!
Is it a Diesel or can you hold a conversation next to it. My buddy's is a Diesel and he gets real good gas mileage between dealerships. Good Looking Truck, Keep it between the ditches!!!
Nice truck, TK! It looks just like mine, except that it's 4x4, it has the original chrome bumper on the rear instead of a cheap aftermarket replacement, it is a lot cleaner than mine, and it doesn't have Flipper's GMC attached to it via a tow cable.
What size engine does it have? The 360 V8 like mine & Whiskers', I hope.
HUmmm Most people post pictures of their Manhood that pick up chicks.. I guess some guys need trucks

(Cool ride man !!!)
Hey Elky my 79 chevy "fake" truck beat a 2001 Dodge, well until i hit fifty and my tranny slipped going into third gear. Had him by a full truck length until then, so tell me again that they are fake,

by the way nice truck TK, but those tie downs on the side to look pretty damn gay
You'll be glad you have the Tie downs when You buy that 4-wheeler to haul your butt around the Idaho mountains
Roumor has it with those chicks you got in the Truck you'll need a 10 Wheeler
Double M, my DODGE will kick your fake truck while having the camper on it and pulling the horses.

BTW, isn't the truck with the babes in it a Chevy?
Tie downs are great for a lot of things including tarps. Yep them fat chicks is on a the heartbeat quit.
Steve and Ernesto you guys are funny!!! I didn't put them tie downs on the truck, so if you want to pay to have the holes patched if I took them off, be my guest and I will be more than happy to take them off. But until then screw it, I'm not gonna take them off and have big holes in my bed.

Dgibson, it's got the 360 in it.

For the rest of you folks I wanted a truck, so I bought a Dodge.