Ollin Initial Review


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Nov 29, 2022
Hey Folks,

I decided to snag @Big Fin discount code and jump feet first on the new Ollin Digiscoping setup. I paid $166.48 which includes taxes and shipping.

My selection was the iPhone 14 Pro Case and the Vortex HD Spotting Scope Adapter. I have the Vortex Viper 15-45x65 Angled.

Be warn, this is 100% an initial review, it has been out of the box for less than 30 minutes. Currently in Wyoming with highways shutdown, snow drifts, below freezing temps and WIND! So goes to say, I will not be driving around with my window mount or hiking the mountains just yet to test. If this product or review is interesting to people. I can post more updates down the road in case anyone is skeptical.

I have no prior experience with Digiscoping, unless you count very carefully moving your phone camera around your optic lens to maybe snag half a glimpse through something in your spotting scope. Main reason for purchase is to be able to capture images on my phone using my optics, during hunting, scouting, traveling and drinking beer on the front porch glassing antelope and deer.

Picture 1 is how it was mailed. Nothing special.

Picture 2 is what is inside the box. Ollin I believe went to a new red design and packaging. It feels similar to a quality box a brand new iPhone comes in. Most will not keep it but nice for the price it didn't come in some plastic baggie.

Picture 3 and 4 are inside packaging. Items are secured and tucked away.

Picture 5 is the phone case. I was pleasantly surprised of the feel. It feels like a nicer Otter Box style outer case, its is a rubber/plastic mix. It does not feel cheap and gives access to all buttons and does not feel to awkward in the hand, the magnet piece is somewhat low profile and fits fine in hand and pocket. It is not one of the expensive Otter Box models that offers more protection but quality seems to be there.

Picture 6-8 is the adapter to the optic, and the magnetic lens cover. The Adapter feels very nice on the scope and allows adjusting the eye piece without it sliding around. Does not feel like it will just carelessly fall off. That is also what the cover is for and is hell on by magnets. You can easily turn the cover to break the magnets hold and scope adapter will stay attached to optic. The minimalist design also allows me to use the cover on my neoprene case, even with the Ollin lens cover as well. An added bonus to keeping everything secured and staying put.

Pictures 9-10 are of use. You are able to use your phones zoom settings and choose to have basically a full phone screen view or not. The magnet holds great and does not worry me about coming off. These pictures were of quick use, and I did not spend a lot of time getting perfect photos just yet because the antelope just ran off. More to come. Photo quality will obviously vary depending on optic, phone, light etc.


1. This piece of equipment is super simple to use and takes 30 seconds to be operational.

2. They are not joking about the alignment. You literally cannot miss align this. It is perfect every single time. If your way off on the alignment, it will push against like two magnets and guide you to where you need to be. NO ADJUSTING.

3. Everything feels thought out and solid. From packaging to product execution, it delivers 100%.

4. The phone case is not dainty or like a cheap plastic shell as an excuse for phone case, it feels like a real phone case you would get at the store.


1. It is fairly expensive for what it is, however it makes Digiscoping fun and easy, and I have already forgotten about the money spent. This makes me just wanna drive around with my Spotter and window mount and just go scout and get cools photos.

2. This con may vary for phones, however for a new iPhone, the case does render the option of doing ".5" zoom useless. I believe because of the magnet part blocking the other lens. However video and other options seem to work just fine.

3. New iphones have magnetic charging, and this phone case is not equipped for that. You still have the charging port access, but will take that feature away as long as your using the phone case.

4. The phone case, I would LOVE to see Ollin offer another option in the future for the phone case. Something more like a full protection model Otter Box, the more expensive ones, with screen protection, waterproofing etc. if possible. Also a more grippy feel on the case for added security. I am VERY rough on phones and this may just be a wish for me and not a con. Especially to a new company that will probably expand products.

5. I would like to see the walls of the adapter that attaches to your optic be thicker. It is not flimsy or cheap, however it is a plastic style piece. Just a little thicker for strength would give me more piece of mind.


Out of the box and initial score would be 4.5/5. Thickening the walls of the adapter and making my dream phone case would make me a forever customer.


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It would be nice if they had more options for spotting scopes. They don’t seem to be in any hurry to get more out for other brands.
As you practice more you will realize if have a circle/vignette pics you are doing it wrong in most situations.

zoom a tad within optical zoom range of phone if needed.
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