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Aug 22, 2001
Henderson, KY
OK, since all of you fancy-shmancy western hunters are shaming me with your tales of hunting prowess, I thought I'd throw in my own tale of woe. Mine doesn't have any exciting stalks or tracking jobs, but it's the best I can do on short notice.

So there I was, about an hour into shooting light on the first morning of KY firearm season. I was sitting in a small patch of woods overlooking a field of standing corn; dear old Dad was a couple of small ridges over and doing the same. I had just finished enjoying the antics of a young raccoon who had been raiding corn when I heard Dad shoot his famous .30-06 built on a Gustaf Mauser action. About 30 or so seconds later, I hear him shoot again. Being the good son that I am, I knew that Dad never likes to let an animal expire on its own, even if it's down. So, I knew that the second shot would be his coup de grace. Again being the good son, I packed up my chit and headed over to his patch o' woods to help with the dressing & hauling. When I got there, Dad was all happy and talking about his shot and how it happened and so on and so forth. Being Dad, there was also much passing of gas and cigarette smoke and so forth. Well, finally Dad bends over to start the field dressing process; he's bent at the waist with his backside in the air, pointing in my direction. (He's still passing gas and yacking at this point).

Well, it was then that a nice buck wanders into the woods out of the corn, sniffing the ground and checking out his territory. Dad's deer was in a shallow gully, so he couldn't see in that direction while he had his a$$ in the air. He also couldn't see me since I was behind him. I said, "Dad, be quiet!" Dad, being a Dad, replies, "What? Why?" I said "Hush!" At that point it's time to do the deed, so I raise my rifle, aim, and shoot.

My aim was (thankfully) decent, so the buck jumped up and then went 4 hooves up. Unfortunately, Dad also got a shock at the same moment and fell over flat on his back like he'd been clubbed with an ugly stick. For the briefest of moments, even though I saw the buck drop, and even though I was pointing the rifle in a direction completely away from Dad, I thought "Oh my God, I've shot my Dad." But, then I saw him flailing his arms around and spewing forth the type of expletives that only Dad can say, so I knew he was OK.

After I got done laughing and Dad got done spewing filth we went to inspect my animal, as well. That's when it struck us that we had two deer to dress and drag out. And skin, and quarter, and butcher. What fun we had! :D

So that's the story of how my entire (buck) hunting season was wrapped up in about an hour or so of waiting, then 30 seconds of excitement. Sorry for the lack of adventure, but that's all I've got! ;)
Excellent story Darren.

With the sound of a rifle going off right behind him when he didn't expect it he is lucky he didn't pass more than gas :eek: :D :D .

R O T F L M A O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats is BY far the BEST story I've ever read !!!! Only id you had a picture of your DADS BUTT in the air. Not that I'm into that stuff.... BUT I'm still laughing !!!!!!

Congrats on your HUNT !!! Nothing better then sharing a hunt with DAD !!!! I was with my dad this year when He taged his 4 point (Each side) and his ELK....... AWSOME memories to be had......

Maybe one year my boys will have fun hunting with DAD like I did with MINE !!!!!


Any chance your dad looked something like this right before you spotted the buck? Awww the fun and joy of having a digital camera handy at the right momment. Don't get too excited there Moosie.
Dang, Big Sky, except for the lack of trees, corn, and flatulence, that's my Dad exactly! ;)

Thanks for the kind words, folks. Moosie, if you ever get tired of huntin' those 800 lb.+ animules out your way, you're welcome to stop here in KY and get you some skinny whitetails. After chunkin' $850 down on a new server (only to see the new speed eaten up again by a mass exodus of NAHC members) it's the least I can do! :D
You are correct about the lack of trees and corn, but the lack of flatulence, I'm not so sure you are correct there;) Trust me, that cannon in the photo is always loaded.
That is the funnest story,I can just see it all happening .
But really I always thought you had to pass gas while gutting and skinning :D :D Thats the way my dad showed me. :eek: :eek:
Troy.. For this being a j. Springer site... I see you stop by it still too .. EH? ALSO, when are you going to give lessons on how to kill a elk TROY in the ARSH style a hahaha :D :D ;)

DG, thanx for the invite bud !! I think my plate is full and pockets empty to be traveling to much to soon.... BUT.. I might take ya up on the offer someday.. IF nothing else, to meet your DAD :D :D
Thanks, folks. Dad's getting his revenge on me...we made a few bratwurst out of some of the venison. Let's just say that HIS cannon is now overloaded. :eek:
Yeah, Dad died about 2 months after I first made this post. January 26, 2002 to be exact. I don't mean to dump on has just recently kind of sunk in that I spent my first hunting season ever without Dad. But, he wouldn't want me boo-hooing over him, so I choose to remember the good times. Next year I intend to get Nut and Flipper and Meathead to pass more gas and cuss more so I'll feel more at home.

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