The LAst Day,,,,,


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Apr 28, 2001
,,,,Of the Washington general deer season ended yesterday with a bang :D Not from me or Quick Draw but from a buddy of ours...He got a shot at a big 2 point, just at dusk,,and the resaults were,,,,,,,,,,, a clean miss :eek: Either we need to go to the range and do some kick @ss shooting..Or the deer on Ft. Lewis are mighty lucky, and the deer gods just didn't want ust to end our season yet( with late buck comming up and all

All in all it was a kick butt season, hunting with Quick Draw,(always a treat when you can hunt with your daughter)Lady Nutcracker even hit the woods a few times(really cool to get back out there..Hell she was even starting to talking about shooting the deer in the back pasture..Think I might get her to hunt with us too :D :D )and hunting with a new hunting buddy and his daughter( she was a kick out there)(Note to self: Need to set her up with a fanny pack for christmas)

So,so far this year no deer were killed in Huntermans camp( YET) but a great season was had by me at lease...


P.S. This WILL be the last year ya'all will here of me missing :mad:
Hunting this season was fun but nohting was shot and killed. Between Hunterman and I two deer were shot at, I had a dry fire or a miss fire or something, when I went to put my round in the chamber it went down into the clip and my bolt didn't catch it so when I went to shoot the deer in the throat right under the chin all we heard was a click. It was then when Hunterman shot a tree. We tried to follow the deer, and did unitl it we lost it in the trees. The second deer however I could not see antlers on it but Hunterman did so we drove up to him until he jumped into the trees, I could not follow up the shot sicne I'm short and couldn't see over the brush. After the shot I asked "Did you get him??" Hunterman said no I jumped on his trail, couldn't see any hair nor blood but followed it until I got to another skid road, while Hunterman followed a different trail.
Then again we saw a lot of does, its just too bad that this state doesn't have either sex weekend anymore. Ft. Lewis has a lot of big deer.
It was a great regular season, can't wait till the late buck...I don't think the deer will be so lucky.
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