Thank you HuntTalk, and a prayer request

Prayers sent. went through something similar with my first born. I can understand the stress and strain you are enduring. Leaps and bounds improvement by your son is great to read, you'll be heading home before you know it hang in there, this too shall pass.
Prayers coming your way brother! Just look at this "waiting game" as patience practice trust me you'll need lots of it as a parent. Let us know when you guy's make it home.
Jbotto, prayers out to you, your wife and family. About 10 yrs ago I spent 10 days at Children's Hospital in Madison with my son. Talk about a helpless feeling, but if you keep strong and positive they will feed off of your strength. Kids are very resilient and it is amazing how quickly they heal.
Congratulations on the new addition! Hoping things continue to improve for your son and a speedy recovery for your wife as well.

Remember to take care of yourself as well. You're experiencing a rally stressful situation. Even if it's just an hour to get away and process things, make sure you take care of yourself.

If you need to just take a drive and want to see some wildlife, Rocky Mountain Arsenal isn't too far from where you are at.
Prayers for you guys. Looking forward to hearing about your family’s homecoming!!!
Prayers for you and your family. Good to hear the outlook is positive. Children's hospitals are filled with true heros and heroines, that's for sure.
Prayer sent! Hunt Talk is a great community and we're here to support you.
Prayers for you, your son, wife, and family sent. Asked God for wisdom given to your doctors and wisdom for you all to make good decisions regarding his outcome. Thanks for taking a leap and sharing your personal struggle; while it is a sad time, I am hopeful and even more grateful for this community because of your request.
Your cheerful outlook is an inspiration (what the heck are you doing on THIS forum? 😉). Best of luck to you and your family. Keep us posted.
I’m very thankful for modern medicine and all the technological advances that treat difficult problems with relative ease these days. And I’m thankful for new dads who can reach out for faith support as well. May your son continue to grow in strength, and be a blessing to his family, may Wisdom and Mercy be his normal modes of operation. And let it be that a Big Horn Basin kid will be a world changer for good.
^^^This +1. Prayers for this young family, now and into the future. Keep battling, Big Horn Basin Kid.
Thinking about you and yours! 🙏🏻
Little guy just wants to get things rolling, he’s just impatient cuz it’s drawing time!!!