Tape at the end of barrel?


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Oct 7, 2017
California (for now)
A few years ago while watching a large area in front of me a nice 3x3 came running down the hill behind me. I got in a hurry to turn and tripped and fell. I planted the end of the barrel in some soft dirt. By the time I cleared the barrel the buck was long gone. I used to just apply tape in bad weather, I now always tape the end. Not having tape on the end probably cost me a decent buck. You never know what might happen and tape is cheap.

After this incident I also started carrying a 6' piece of 80 pound mono in a coil. Getting a boot string to go down a dirty barrel was not easy. I have been successful with getting the stiff mono to go down the barrel much easier than a string. Straight sticks don't grow on every tree.
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Aug 14, 2019
North Idaho
I took a header on Sunday and stuck my .264 barrel 6 inches into the dirt. Because I had taped my muzzle all I had to do was wipe it off. North Idaho is rainy country. I have been taping my muzzle for decades. You will extend the life of a Chrome-Moly barrel for a looong time if you apply the tape because it keeps the moisture out. Rain water going down your bore will bond with any carbon powder residue in your barrel and cause pitting. That is reason enough for me.