So where are you going?!!!......



It only 8 months and 29 days until I can next get after the elk!...will be here before you know it!'s a sickness, I KNOW!!! :mad:

So what are evryone's plans for this coming fall........the when's and the where's????

I know Jason Lee has plans!

I know Indy has Plans!

I know Buzz has plans!

I know Wolverine has plans!

I know Rink has plans!

My plans are to do a bowhunt and two Wyo, Montanny, and Co.........but I may have to give one up to do that Jackson elk run as much fun as you guys seem to have had!;)

...but what about the rest of you? anybody gonna go elk hunting next fall? :rolleyes:
Aw, come on! This season still isn't over! I get to chase after two cows in a couple of weeks.

Of course, I'll probably just hunt in CO again. Do you think I can get a tag with 13 preference points?

I've got maps layed out on the table right now. Its a never ending process.

I have a date with 3 different big bulls that I screwed up on this year, that will be Sept. I am considering doing a Selway rifle Rut hunt Sept. 15, and might go chase mulies with my dad in the Panhandle of Idaho. Hell, might even spring bear hunt there, not sure yet.

Then, chasing some mule deer somewhere in Central-Eastern Montanny, Antelope in October, Spring bear in Montanny too. If no elk with bow, go shackle myself between Greenhorn and WW until they get tired of it and take me out for a 310-370 bull. :D

I cant FUGGIN wait!!!!!!!
Terry! can't be barely 20 years old! the hell you get 13 points! been puttin' in since you were 7?! :eek:

Indy.......that would 10 months and 29 days for you! ;)

Ernie...I feel your pain brother! :D ....i've been taping maps together for 3 days that I've been downloading off Topozone!....just about got the whole Yellowstone Boundary mapped out!North, South, East, and West!.....the plan is to trap them elk!
........plan 'B' is to go in and find that tree that keeps popping up in Greeny and WW's pic posts! :eek:

I figure it's time I killed one of those candy-assed tame Park elk! :D

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Hell HS, I might just bump into in the Selway. I'm planning on hunting that area, or close to it, for about two weeks. 1st I'll do a week of archery (Slinging arrows sounds way to cool) and if no luck I'll let ole' thunderstick have a crack. I'm going to start looking into the other states (Montanny, Wyoming, Collyrado) for some possible elk fun, or I might just plan on buying a second tag here in Ideeho. 8 months already, wow, What should I ever wear, bibs or coveralls? :D :D
ive never been elk hunting so i dont have any plans, but if anyone got lonley this season and wants to help a rookie cut his teeth ill put in anywhere you say. any takers?
I'll be calling coyotes this weekend. At the end of the month I will be going with a buddy to help on his elk hunt. My brother in law drew a cow tag in Feburary and asked me to go with him.
That is a sweet deal that you can buy the leftover non res tags over there Carny. Thank god they dont do that in MT or Greenhorn would kill 18 big bulls a year and there wouldn't be chit left for anyone else! :D :D

If you are going to hunt in the Selway we should talk. I plan to pack in about 8-15 miles. There should be bulls bugling and the aught six likes to hear that chit!

I forgot to mention I'll also be in Idyho chasing cats around later this month and off and on through the winter!

WoooHooo! Keep huntin.

Only 15 miles. Hell, I'm thinking more in the lines of 50-75. If I leave in August, I should get there in time :D

If you swing close to Mt Home give me a call. I love to help out with the kitty hunt. Like they say, the only good kitty is a dead kitty.
;) Don't chastize me Ithaca
I just hate(dislike)most cats. Thats house cats though.

When the summer comes we might have to plan a camping/scouting/drinking trip. I'm definitely heading back in the high country.
Can let Greeny/WW get all of the big ones!

DS.. YOU want to know just our Elk plans.... Or ALL our plans ;)

As for Elk, I think I'll keep it simple. I'll hunt Idaho (BOW or Rifle.. NOt sure.. MAybe 2 tags if I'm feeling rich) And I thin kI'll put in for Montana again. Not that I want another bull, I just like Greenhorn and Weekend Warrior ;)
Good ol Washington State baby!! Where the elk have big asses and small horns!! :D Maybe Colorado too. If I can set something up for archery there I may be inclined to head that way. Possibly in the San Juan Forest, outside Durango-up toward the Continental Divide. Some nice Mulies in that country there. Seen em over 30 inches on 7 mile ridge!!
Idaho archery bulls during the rut. In my book, nothing compares to chasing screaming bulls with sharp sticks. If I could just talk Oscar into the A tag, I know he would score.

Of course, I'll put in for at least 3 draws for sheep in NV and Idaho, but have almost lost hope of drawing. I'll have a few other applications as well. Elk in NV, Mulies in ID and NV, antelope in NV, mtn goat in NV.

Next year I plan on hunting A LOT more. This year realy put me into a funk.

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