Finally first Elk hunt, harder than you think!!!

I finally made it home, 23 hour drive. I dropped the elk meat at the local butcher today. I will post my story and more soon. Thanks again for all the advice.

One thing I will say is who ever told me to get a set of gaiters, you sir saved my bacon!!!
Way to stick with it. Hunting in snow can be hard, but is also so much more productive in my experience. Congrats on a well earned trophy.

Oh, and remember, there is "no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment and clothing". You pushed through and got it done. Nice work.
Thanks everyone. It finally came together. It was 2 degree outside and still deep snow, but I stuck it out.

Thanks for all the advice. It may not be huge compared to some, but I am pretty happy with it. It took me 4 hours to cut it up by myself. Thanks for all the great threads and knowledge.
Well done. I have learned a lot from your experience. Thanks for sharing the journey with us.
I finally made it home, 23 hour drive. I dropped the elk meat at the local butcher today. I will post my story and more soon. Thanks again for all the advice.

I'm not trying to be a prick, but this was posted on October 31st. I'm sure you check in from time to time, but it's been dang near a month since Braveheart has been logged in, and no story followed.

A NR gets their elk license, reserves a Land Trust property, gets intel from HuntTalkers via PM or otherwise, shoots their elk, and rides off into the sunset. In my PMs with you, Braveheart, you seem like a very nice guy, but I can't help but highlight a pattern that occurs on HuntTalk year in and year out and it jades me.

Why do I bring it up? I made the mistake on page 2 of this thread saying that I knew the exact ranch you were on. Since our PMs, I have received questions from 2 other interested NR hunters in that specific property. I don't mean to be a jerk, but I'm not responding to them.

It ain't an anti-NR thing. My NR Uncle and I just hatched a plan for this year (if he draws) for him to have his very first hunting experience in the HD in which your bull was shot. There's just a phenomenon on HT of folks coming here, gleaning and taking what they can, and disappearing until there's something else they need.

Hopefully you've been enjoying the meat.
I had a watch notification setup for this post to know when the story was posted. That sucks no response. @Nameless Range I know I PM'd you but it was not specifically hunting related and I appreciated the quick response and conversation.
Hey nameless, no doubt I am one of the two NR hunters you're talking about asking you a question. Sorry I ruffled your feathers. I ask one generic question (Is there much pressure on the mountain behind the ranch) Nothing about saddles, benches water sources etc. I wasn't asking you to figure out my hunt for me. I can figure that out myself with a couple of mapping programs. The ranch owner was a super nice guy and was very knowledgeable on the elk, both on his ranch and the public ground. Even the residents offered to let me go thru their property to access the public.

I glassed up a herd with two bulls on public ground but couldn't hunt them for close to two days due to the wind direction. When I did get up to where I wanted to be they started filtering out on a bench that I had e-scouted. I shot a typical 5x5 and and my hunt was over.

I'm sure it makes you happy that due to the Montana draw, it will be three years before I get back unless I get lucky or pull a b tag somewhere. By then ill be 71 and ill still bust my butt to get back up on that mountain.

Hope you and your Uncle have a good hunt. Maybe just go down Colonial Drive, turn left on Saddle Road and hunt the herd that hangs out there. Goodluck and post your hunt recap. Keep your feathers oiled so they don't get ruffled so easy.

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