small bull shed (pics)


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Sep 22, 2003
Lostine Oregon
here is a smallish 6pt shed I found


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oldoregon ,

Not trying to up-stage ya,,,but since we are talking sheds, I have to show these. My wife Glenda and me WATCHED this bull drop these! That was cool!!

And while we are at it,,this is a Whitetail shed she found,,,it scored 83 6/8 . We actually saw this buck on the hoof during the following hunting season,,,in the headlights. Never saw him in daylight!! He is still out there!
Holy phucking chit, that is a phucking HUGE BULL!!!!!!
good thing i said my bull was small, gawd, it isint a quarter the size of that monster!!!!Nice bitch whitey shed too!!!!
Nice shed Oldoregon and way nice sheds Elkmaster.

Since we are neighbors, maybe you can tell me exactly where you found the whitey.

I don't mind telling ya,,,,but I warn you,,get in my wifes way and she'll hurt ya!!

Actually,,,half way between you and us,,IX Ranch in Big Sandy. Big place, plenty of room for all of us! But I won't say which coulie he hangs out in!!};0)
I'm sure there is a GOOD joke about a Good looking lady and that Big Bone in her lap... I'm jsut not sure I'm man enough to say it

Good shed finds !!!
Thanks for the tip elkmaster. You are right about the ranch, it is huge. I was guessing this buck was probably on the river and locked up tight.

I hunted antelope on the IX this year, but no luck. Now all I need is an elk tag for over there.

Have a good one, and post some more of your elk pictures.
Hey Old Oregon!

Nice Shed! Come down to WY and I'll take ya shed hunting, we find quite a few elk sheds down here!

OH and also you can access the Adult Section here on the site on my computer, since I am 19 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Heres a nice elk shed we found last spring:

I'll tell ya what HOLY SMOKES on the nice sheds on this thread.Alrighty then since that is out of the way here is my first and only shed I have found,its not a bad 6 point for Washington standards.And I have to say that my pic does not do justice to the pic you have posted.


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