Sirui T025X

Ben Sellers

Oct 29, 2018
I’m fairly new to spot and stalk hunting being from the Southeast. I hunted Colorado last year in the 3rd rifle. I feel like I missed seeing a number of animals because we we glassing by hand using binos. This year I want to make sure that I’m not handicapping myself. I now have a Leupold 12-40 x 60 HD spotter. I also plan to use the tripod to mount my 10x50 bx-4s. I’m planning to hunt the Gunnison area during the 4th rifle season by day hunts.

I have a Sirui T25-X tripod and ball head for when I’m really concerned about weight. I’m wondering if I should get a larger and more sturdy tripod and pan head for really windy days or when I’m planning to be within a mile or two from the truck. Do you think I’ve gone too light for what I’m likely to experience or would the T025 be fine?


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Oct 20, 2016
You’ll be fine with your Sirui. Pan-heads are nice but they can be heavy and cumbersome to pack. I have an ET-1204 and have used it in pretty high winds. Just sit down and only have the stout legs extended and there will be minimal vibration.