Scoutting Quail in AZ


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May 1, 2002
The Shores of Tonto Creek
We went out this weekend and did some scouting for Quail. Saw more than 10 coveys (gambel), most with more than 15 birds. Could be a good season. Do any of you other AZ guys think numbers are up this year. It seems like it to me.
Hi quailhunter... I forgot where south of Tucson you said you lived? Have you checked around Green Valley? I was there in Dec. and man there were a lot of them buggers there.
I would say this is the best year for quail I have seen in a while. Been seeing big coveys and it looks like lots of the first year birds made it.
I always see tons of quail, but thats mainly cause I fish the lakes and there is always water around.

The large ammount of rain arizona got in march/april helped out the youngins, i watched a couple of coveys drop chicks and 80% have lived. Last year the rate was about 30%.
hey Cameron
Yeah the quail are looking preety good in Green Valley and all over from what im hearing.. The Quail hunter is my hunting partner. Hes not all there in the head

Ive known him for about 25 years, Im too old to switch now.
Good luck this year
So you are close to Nogalas hey? My girlfriend was wondering what your name was. She grew up in Green valley. I would like to hunt her parents property... man they are thick there. Good luck to you.
Well, im not in AZ but I am in southern NV and have seen 1 covey of over 100 birds. Should be a good year. And , NO! Im not lying.
Crapshoot. I believe ya. Ive coveys that have hundreds of birds in them. Looks liek the whole mountain side takes off.
Hey Cougar 44 I think that we have a mutual friend !!!!!!!!! You know Jack Walls???????????????? I am sure you do.. He told me that you let him golf at the country I date his sister in law..

phil and I have been chatting. I am talking to Jack on the phone right now...
HEY Cameron

Yeah I know Jack Walls, hes a good man.
I suspect you are dating one of the Spivey girls and I know most of them. Im going to take a shot here and say you are dating Cheri
Spivey. I know there brother Pat hes a good guy. Small world cameron.. Good luck on your hunts this year.
Hey Cameron
No i was not at Christies wedding.
I know Pat Spivey more than the rest of the family... Anyways good luck
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