Saw my first chukar today!


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Dec 20, 2000
Went hiking up in the hills above Ogden today and saw my first chukar! When they say upland game species, for chukar they mean WAY UP THE ROCKIEST DAMN PATCH OF GROUND YOU CAN FIND WITH CHEATGRASS land. It was fun and those things sure like to dive off cliffs.
Cool, 1_p. I seem to hear them more than I see them around here.

Makes for some interesting shootin'!
Once you start you can't stop. Now my favorite bird to hunt. One main reason, you see considerbly less hunters in the high ground.

As for diving off cliffs, I was hunting around Bruneau canyon last year and the birds were consetrated right on the rim of the gorge ( 500-800 ft drop). I'd swear those birds were doing back flips off of the rim (of course I don't mean real back flips). They would hop right off without a care in the world and clide forever. Could'nt shoot at all since the cliffs are shear vertical, but it was great to watch. Looked like Jap zero's flying below us, almost like the movie Pearl Harbor.

Definatley one fine bird who can make a good shooter look like a rookie, and really make me look like an ass.
The 1st time hunting those little bastards is for sport. The rest is for revenge.

I love hunting chukars, very few hunters, public land access, I frequently see deer, antelope, sheep, lion, and elk while hunting birds.

Plus I love watching the dog work.

T Bone
T Bone,

When does all this rain start being a "wet Spring", and hurt their nesting? There is a ton of green on the hills, but it keeps raining in the Owyhees and along the Snake.
I don't think the rain will bother the eggs much. They start hatching the first of June and are usually done by June 10. That's the critical time for keeping the young birds warm and dry--up until about 6/15. If we get thru the first two weeks of June without much rain and cold weather we'll be in great shape this year. Plenty of insects for the youngsters---that's what they need most. This should be a good year for bugs and cover. I'm getting excited already. So far everythings been perfect.
Ithaca 37, I put Kasi in for a Sheep hunt. If she draws I will need help. You interested? I would like to shoot some chukar with you some time. Now that I have a pointer am I still a low life flusher owner?
I can back points and carry guns if you guys need another to chase these hellacious birds!
Ithaca 37, I put her in for the 46 hunt. it is unit 46, 47, 41 in the Bruneau and Jarbidge drainages upstream from and including the sheep cr drainage.
Lets plan on a chukar hunt this fall. Ron
"The 1st time hunting those little bastards is for sport. The rest is for revenge."

ID Ron,

That's probably one of the best descriptions I've heard. I'm still laughing, only because I've been there. Right on the money.