Road info for unit 19/20 to 20A Mackay Bar


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Jun 16, 2018
Vacaville, CA
I'm a disabled vet and coming up for a week hunt 8-18 November (rough country I am aware and can still hump mountain sides....just not as fast) I have a General Deer, Elk, bear, and wolf tag. I'm not a horn hunter, I hunt for meat. Looks like units 19/20 are accessible from ELk City without any issues. My concern is how NFD 222 gets during mid-November. I have a pretty well setup Landcruiser, but would like some locals opinion of the area. My plan is bag a deer in 19/20 then head down to 20a and attempt a Elk, bear, or/and wolf. Figured I would get down to Mackay Bar Campground and cross the Salmon to head in from there.