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Rams + Hogs?


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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
We're doing the group ram hunt the weekendof March 30 but the $35 out of state liscence lasts 5 days so we could add something. For one,you can shoot more rams for an additional $180. Also, is a place that has a reasonable free ranging 2 day hog hunt to add to the ram hunt if we get people interested that want to do something like this for additional money. A friend got a 190 lb boar and a coyote there last weekend. There's also a high fence place where you get 3 meats hogs under 50 lbs for $120 or a big hog for $1/pound. They eat more, they cost more, I guess. That's a pretty good deal. Thompson, the ram hunt owner also has trophy hogs on a different ranch for $550. Those are hog possibilities in addition to the planned ram hunt.
Tom, I might be interested in adding a hog, while on the hunt. I'm thinking about it. Thanks for all the work that you've done to put this hunt together! I, for one, really appreciate it. Thanks!

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People have asked for pictures of the rams. I can post some from this hunt in a day or two. Thanks for coming, I look forward to meeting everyone. We can work out more logistics and if possible work in an Alamo visit or Hall of Horns visit or 777 Ranch visit. Some people may just have time to fly in, go to the ram hunt, leave and fly out. We can work out getting sausage for their ram meat also.

An example, if you shot a 200 lb boar at the high fence hog place, it would be $200. That's cheaper than the two day hunt at the web site posted or than Thompson's trophy boar. If you don't want the 200 lb boar when you see him, you can shoot some little hogs for meat at $120. That place is just south of San Antonio and splitting a room at Motel 6 is cheaper than staying at the ranch.
Tom, Glen and I are both interested in Hog hunting. We can talk about it more as we get closer or do you need to make arrangements early on? I would certainly like some wild pork to bbq for my graduation party. Let me know.
Thanks :cool: