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Feb 19, 2001
Jonesboro, Arkansas
What would you say is your favorite HOG GUN?

Also why did you pick that caliber to shoot and what type and weight bullets do you use?
The one I've used most is my 30-06 with 150 grain BTSP bullets, because they are general all round use, I guess. The biggest hog I got was with 3 inch 000 buck in my 12 gauge with a flashlight taped onto it. I just got a semi-auto 30-06 and am hoping to get several with it when they come by in a group and I open fire! How about you?
I got 2 with Browning A bolt in 7mm rem mag

I got 2 with my Remington 1100 2 3/4 winchester slugs.


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Depends on how I am hunting them. If I am going with enough dogs to hold the drove I use a 22 pistol. It doesn't spook them so much while they are worrying about the dogs. If there isn't enough dogs to hold then I use a Mini 14 because most likely it is running shots. If I am just hideing and watching then my 270.

Ranger most my friends that hunt pig around here have been using the lever actions by Marlin Co. 444 mag and 45-70. You ever shoulder one of those big boys on a porker?
Duster I never have used either of them. Have a friend who uses a Mod 92 Winchester in 44-40 that works well. Not a powerfull as the 45/70 or the 444 by a long shot so they should do the trick easy.
As you know you don't worry about hogs unless you rile them. Long as they think they can get away they will. Of course if they happen to be pointed in your direction they might run over you doing it.

Now if you piss off a big old boar hog or a sow with small pigs by hurting them they will take you on if they have a mind to. You probably already know that.
We have so many of the stinking things and they cause so much damage if I bust a drove I just want to get lead in as many as I can as quick as I can. That is what the mini is for.

I have to agree with you on that. I you get about a 150 pounder mad you could make it up a telephone pole in a heart beat with him comming at you. I usually use a .270 with 130 gr bullets.
Most of the hogs I've shot have been with a .300 Win Mag, mainly for the extra reach. The country I hunt is pretty open, and we try to catchthem coming across the fields in the morning. Also, that rifle was the only suitable one I had at the time. I would feel comfortable using my .30-06 or .270 with a good, non-premium bullet like a Hornady Interlock or even a Remington Corelokt. I've seen them taken with everything from a .22 Mag to a .45-70, and the worst were the couple shot with .30-30's, although I have to say that shot placement by those hunters was poor and they required me to finish them off. They were hit too far back, and anything short of a .50 BMG would have required follow-up. So I can't really blame the cartridge.
My Favorite "GUN" is a 78# PSE Compound bow..... Although I'm No expert.. I've only hunted once and killed just one.....

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I use a 45-70 based on a M98 Siamese Mauser. Shoot 300 grain bullets and they seem to work quite well. I have a ghostring rear sight, its a Lyman 57SME and a fiberoptic front sight.
I usually use my 30.06 with factory remington corelokt in 150 grain. Very seldom do I need a follow up shot. I have killed about a dozen with my .22-250 shot right in the head but would never recommend it. Like every one says, bullet placement is critical.

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