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Dec 22, 2000
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A friend of mine from Utah just forwarded these photos to me. Unfortunately there wasn't any text, but the photos speak for themselves. Just one more reason I like mules better than horses.




In all but the first one, it looks like the cat could be dead or just about. With the dogs in the background, the cat must have been run. It would be great to hear the story!

Still a bad ass mule!
Cats been dead for a while.

A few people are posting it saying its a live cat. Yeah right look at the dogs there just sitting there. I dont think so.
at first I thought it was photo shop but then through a discussion and a heated one at that it came out to be the cat was dead.

Supposibly a guy took this picture in AZ, his friend has been posting it for fun, they told us they would tell the real story, but that was 3 week ago and its never been posted.

The background definately looks to be from the southwest..... I use to have a buckskin horse that would do the same with deer trying to load them on him whole, he could bite and pull off a deer faster then you could get it tied down. He finally grew out of it but we definately had some memorable rodeos on the side of a few mnts in the process.
What you didnt see is the first victem was the rider I think he is behind the dogs :D he is on the ground behind the dogs. Dam I like a good mule. ;)
saw these same pictures at predator masters, the owner of the mule said that the cat was shot thru the lungs and about finished. he also says that when the mule goes in, the dogs stay out of the way. my mule used to try to run my beef calves thru a similar work-out. the only thing that surprises me about mules is why people would still ride horses. twodot
That is funny, that mule opened a huge can of whoop-ass on that cat. I wonder what he would do on an elk LOL I dont blame the dogs for standing back!!

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Hey Del, what do you think the dogs should be doing?

Any dog with half a brain is going to stand back!! Wouldn't you?? hehehe

But yeah, I also agree its a dead cat.
I figured if the lion was alive or even part way those dogs wouldnt be standing still the whole time. they never moved

Del, how close would you get to that jack while he's in that kind of a mood? If the lion was alive, the dogs would still be staying away from the mule.

Looking at the first picture, I agree with you. The lion was dead. Looks like he's been flipped sideways and that's what curled his head around like that.

Schmaltz, I don't know what he would do with an elk, but you can bet he wouldn't be flipping it around like he is that cat... If it was a cow, maybe
.... He seems pretty aggressive..

I like the last pic where he is biting it in the back. That is hard core!

I've been around hounds all my life and have seen them pile on bears and lions many times, but I've also seen them stand back and watch a situation when its hairy. A good aggressive and dumb dog may have tried to grab that cat with the mule, but those types dont usually last long. I'll take a smart one that knows when its safe to make a move!!
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