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  • Mr. Zimmerman,
    How are you?
    I am wondering if you are still living in the breaks?
    I am also wondering if it is possible to access your area from road on east side of river?
    No, not at all. It has been raining like crazy, had over 1 inch yesterday. Everyone is stuck in the mud or staying out by the gravel roads. It has been very quiet down here along the river. There were a few passersby on opening weekend but nothing since. There is water standing everywhere in the lower roads this evening and I bet we don't see more than 1 truck go by the whole weekend. Be sure to bring your tire chains!
    My dad(70's) drew 410 bull tag. If you happen to see any good bulls(300 or so) around would you please let me know. If you don't mind. We mostly hunt the drag res. to crooked creek area.


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