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one more week for me, need luck!


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Aug 22, 2002
One more week before my trip out to colorado. I hope i can score something half as big as greenhorns bull. I am headed to the SE side of the state and they finnaly got some rain, but it may be too late for the area i am hunting. I dont know if it will green up in time to attract the elk when i planned to go. Wish me luck, I am a newby to this board and could use all the luck i can get for my 0-3 elk record. Now just need to figure out what broadheads to use....... been testing some every night, christ i spent 125$ on them already!
Thunderheads ... AND good luck !!!!!

Since I'm not gonig afield too soon, I'm sending al my luck to you.... I'm jsut putting a limited time Warenty on the luck, If you start messing it up, It automatically leaves you and comes back unharmed

Seriously though, GOOD LUCK !!! Don't think that cuz you only have a few posts that We don't wish ya all the best... ONCE you make one post here... YOU're FAMILY !!!!!

GOOD LUCK !!!!!!
schmalts, I wish all the luck you can take with you. Go get a nice one. What the hey, they are all nice. Have a good time, a good hunt and bring back some good pics and stories.
Thanks Guys, Moosie, if its a limited time warrenty that means if your luck dont work i get that darn greenhorns for a replacement right???? or does his luck already have a waiting list?
thanks guys, I leave in the 20th. still feel unprepaired but i always do i guess. I am heading into the bug infested forest this weekend for the wisconsin bow opener. I sure wish we had a good frost already to kill them skeeters. Opening weekend is a fairly good time to see a decent buck, after that it sucks until late october.
Where are you hunting elk in the southeast part of the state. Private land? Good luck on your hunt.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DeerKing:
Where are you hunting elk in the southeast part of the state. Private land? Good luck on your hunt.
some private, some public. depends on what the drought did to the animals at the lower elevations. going near colorado city
Well i leave tommorrow. I called to get a hunt report for the area that i am going and it totaly sucks. the dead grass, no acorns from the drought and now abundant water makes for little and unpredictable elk. I was told i would be let on to a different area, not sure what to think. I would have done things different with a little more advance info i guess. I am spending good money to get on private land when most of the elk will be high up in the public land near or above treeline... Moosie, got the hat today, hope it has as much luck as greenhorns underware!!!!!!
Good luck, shmalts! There was snow up high in a few places here last night. Definately not enough to move the elk much, but the rut should be in full swing soon!