off to south carolina again.update


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Feb 27, 2002
my trailer will be in the shop for a week. my oldest boy is homeschooled now and finished all his work for the week.i dont know what to do so i guess im forced to go hunting. this week is the second weekend with dogs. 2 weeks ago was the first week and they pushed out a 4 point and a doe. that same weekend stand hunters got 2 more does a spike and an 8 point. it has finally cooled down enough to be comfortable to hunt so maybe its our weekend see you guys sunday

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Best of Luck!
I got a call from Tim last night. He connected on a nice 4 point buck. I believe he got it from a stand. They were going back out today on a drive to try and get one for his son. Way to go Tim, meat in the freezer!!!!!!!!!
well i made it back and heres the story.we left thursday night instead of friday and am i ever glad.i put my son back in the stand where he saw a doe before does were legal and he wanted to try to get it.i went to a stand nearby where several deer had been seen.i sat until 9:30 and at that point i was cold and ready to get out of the stand.( weather wasnt that bad i just left my jacket)i had just decided i would wait until 10 when a buck walked out and headed straight for me. i could see the horns but at the angle he was at i thought he was a spike. he walked about 20 feet and gave me a slight quartering shot.gun go boom deer fall down.perfect neck shot and he dropped in his tracks thats when i could see the other antlers.this buck was 145 pounds

when i got back to camp another guy from florida was skinning a doe he got on the 6 point side.i didnt get a picture of it but it was about 90 pounds. i was really happy for him because he has been up every weekend and hunted hard and seen very few deer. friday evening when we came in another guy had a 5 point that i also didnt get a pic of but it was 155 pounds.

saturday began my first ever dog drive.we surrounded a block and put in the dogs. the dogs were in about 5 minutes and i heard a shot.10 minutes later another 2 shots from the same direction.when they picked us up a 15 year old kid had killed a spike AND a doe on the same drive.the picture isnt very clear but the spike is on the left.110 pounds and 87 pounds

the next drive scored a miss on a big buck and a very small spike. the deer took 3 shots and it had 3 busted legs and a broken antler, they werent much anyway,we couldnt get the deer out by hand because he was so busted up.the club president went to get a four wheeler but i guess he changed his mind because this is how he came back.

we had one more drive that ended with some tired dogs and a deer hit but not hard enough to kill him before he got off our property.we cut up all the deer and drew numbers for peices, i ended up with 2 backstraps, inner loins off of the buck and a shoulder.that was fun, alot of deer were killed quickly,but it is more enjoyable to hunt on a stand to me.we went out saturday evening but no one got anyhing else, so we spent the night cooking, drinking and telling lies like every other deer camp in america. oh i almost forgot,another 15 year old killed his first deer a week ago and his dad didnt fix him up he said it was better if his friends do it so here he is, notice his ball necklace.

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Congrats Tim, sounds like you had a good time. The deer there are about as big as our whitetails here in the pinebarrens of NJ.
We usually wipe a little blood on the face of the virgin. Looks like you dump a bucket of blood and nuts on em.
Nice whitetail Tim
Nice and young
Now I have a good reciepe for those backstraps on the Bar-B-Q in Wyoming

sorry tony the warden says the backstraps cant leave the house.i am gonna bring some steaks or something though.
Good story Tim. Did your son not get a deer?
I have a good recipe for deer steaks too. Its really good too. Can't wait to see you again in Wyoming. Remember the guy who gets the first elk has KP for teh rest of the hunt.
Quick Draw
erin, my son didnt get one yet. he had a buck walk out on him the evening that i got him but he bumped the stand getting his rifle up and spooked it.a doe was feeding in front of him for about 20 mins when it was still buck only so he is seeing deer just not getting a shot. one of the guys in the club has a couple hundred acres that has 3 hunters,8 point or better and they dont shoot any does until after the rut.he said if he hasnt killed one by november he will take him over there and let him kill any deer he sees so he should get one this year. the way i understand it you are shooting first and then anthony so i guess kp will be on you. cant wait to see you either
I have to say this.The pic of the young man with blood all over him was not a smart thing to post.I am sorry but anti hunters feed on stuff like that,Do you realize that the pic can be copied and posted all over their sights and put in their magazines and newsletters by the end of the month?We have enough trouble trying to show peta and other anti groups,we hunt with class and dignity.That pic and some of the story makes us look bad.When you print about legs and horns shot off,sorta says we are trigger happy killers,not responsible hunters..Sorry,but my opinion glad you like the story and pictures. with only 2 posts it is obvious that you are new here and dont understand that we share the total hunting experience here. most of us on here are hunters who enjoy storys pictures and attaboys, you will often find pictures showing death and blood and stories telling of poor shots or mamed animals being searched for and then lost to be eaten by the coyotes. that is the reality of hunting. if that offends you maybe you should chain yourself to a tree, but this isnt the place to bash someones sucess story. they do that at 24 hour and huntamerica.we can never stop animal rights people and they can never stop hunting, one just keeps the other from getting to extremes. on a final note most people here say congrats on the animal before knocking the story or hunting method( you left out the part about how we were chasing poor bambi with dogs and not giving him a chance). we dont have to many assholes here but if you want to be one this isnt the cant hurt my feelings but if you post like that when a kid gets an animal and you dont like the story people will be on you like white on rice and you will quickly find yourself un welcome here. BTW welcome to hunttalk hope you enjoy yourself
I am sorry I offended you.But if you would have read my post you would have understood what I said.I feel like it was in bad taste to show a picture of a young man with a buck balls necklace and blood smeared all over him.Sorta sick in my opinion.I have deerhunted all my life and have killed over 300 deer in 9 different states.Grew up in Clemson South Carolina and do not remember that being done to anyone.In my 35 years of hunting,I have seen some terrible things,but that sir was bad taste.I also run dogs here in Arkansas.I have 17 walkers and walker beagles.I have only posted a few times,but I assure you I am a very experianced hunter.As far as me cutting down the young man hunting,I feel there is not enough young hunters today.Hunters are a dying breed.I am not a city boy from Fla,have been and always will be a redneck.I have hundreds of kill picks,none with me looking like I have wallered aroung in the deers insides.Seems sorta funny that you are the only neg post about what I posted over 10 days
First off....Congrats to Tim and to all the others. Too bad your son didnt get a chance at a shot.

Glad ya guys are disagreeing politely.

Maybe one of you should start a thread in Sportsman's Issues about things like this?

It would be a good thread IMO.
I try not to be rude or cut anyone down.I am sure he is a great guy and I hope he loves the state I grew up in.Hope no one thinks I am a no it all.Sometimes I speak before I think...My wife tells me that every day...LOL Take care
i will take that as a we agree to disagree. i am a reasonable person and i will accept that. i have never had any issues with anyone here and intend to stay that post was to share the total experience not just my kill as many people here are not farmiliar with hunting clubs. if i offend anyone it is only unintentional.
I am also part of a hunt club.We have 30 members on 7000 acres.Have to join a I can tell tnctcb is a great guy.I opologize if I offended him.I hope my S.C people treated them with good ole southern hospitality.I do enjoy reading your posts tnc,I enjoy seeing the excitement you obviously enjoy during your hunts.Hope you and your son get a biggun this year.........Doug
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