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Dec 10, 2001
North Dakota
...I just couldn't help myself.

Guess this is sort of my way of introduction since I haven't done much in the way of posting here even though I have been lurking for a LONG time.

I have been fortunate enough (or cursed, you pick) to meet Weakend Warrior and Greenhorn and have even done a couple of fishing trips and a deer hunt with Big Sky. Good people.

Anyway here is my deer story.

After a rather tough year last year, I was really looking forward to putting in the effort needed to bag one of the good bucks I had been hearing about back home. For the past several months, I was sure I would never make it until the season opener without going nuts.

Anyway I had my sights set on tagging Mr. Big but a moment of weakness on the second morning of the hunt ended that quest.

The first day our group tagged a couple of second-license doe tags and one nice 5x5. Heavy fog over night made things look not very promising, but luckily it let up just before shooting time. We decided to push a shelterbelt at first light in the hopes of surprising one in its bed.

As I rounded the edge of the trees, I noticed a deer a half-mile to the north moving to the east. About that time three more deer came from the north heading south and this one joined in the parade. It didn't take me long to see that the first deer I spotted was no oridnary deer, but a color-phase deer (white whitetail) that had been seen my the local earlier this summer.

I knew he was little because Dad had seen him before and I fully planned to let him pass so I could pursue Mr. Big. The trouble was the closer he got the more I was sure that I would likely never see another deer like this.

To make a long story somewhat shorter, a 165 grain Core-Lok't from my Model 700 BDL in .30-'06 at about 125 yards wrecked his day.

I decided to have the hide tanned in memory of the monster spike with 9" antlers. Sure is gonna be pretty when its done.

Here are the pics.

And in the field:


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Kiwi - in this case, it is a white-tailed deer that is that is more white and gray then the normal brown. The twin to this deer was all white except for its eyes and nose. A young hunter shot that one the last day of the ND youth season.

Nut - I'd be happy to post a picture when I get it back.
Congrats on that monster Bwana!! I'm also interested in tanning and would like to see a picture of it when you get it back.
That deer is a freak! Freaks are cool and need to be killed. Good call on getting the hide tanned.

But I am a little disapointed to see you broke out the .30-06!
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