2023 Ended on a High Note!

Yes, I will but haven't yet. It was so warm that day (got up to like 85) that I was more concerned with getting him broken down and caped out.
I guess we'll find out next summer after I get him back from the taxidermist.
Most Taxidermist will have someone available to score it while it waits. Maybe not an official one but at least a very close proximity to get the owners thru till it can be officially done.
Very nice! I missed one like that first day hunting in Montana this year. So wide it was freaky. Yours is much taller. Very nice shape.
If not too late, have the taxidermist do a euro for you till he's ready to do the shoulder mount. That way you have something to look at while you wait. He should be agreeable. If he's cut the horns off, have a cap mount done with pleated velvet (see below). He can do that up quick and then reuse the plaque after he's done the shoulder mount.
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