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New RMEF CEO selected


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Dec 17, 2000
Littleton, CO, USA
Dart selected as new CEO of Elk Foundation

MISSOULA, Mont.-Peter J. Dart has been selected as the new president and CEO
of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. After an extensive screening process,
telephone interviews, written questions, presentations before staff and key
volunteers, and multiple personal interviews, the conservation
organization's board of directors formally offered the position, and Dart
accepted, on Monday.
The hiring brings to conclusion a four-month search that attracted a pool of
more than 250 applicants.
Dart will report for work at the Elk Foundation on May 31.
"We are very pleased to welcome (Peter) J. Dart and his family to the Elk
Foundation," said Tom Baker, a Bowling Green, Ky., businessman who serves as
the Elk Foundation's board chairman. "We are confident in his abilities to
lead our great organization into a new era of ensuring the future of elk,
other wildlife and their habitat."
A reception for Dart is being planned for May 14, the Elk Foundation's 19th
Anniversary, at the organization's headquarters in Missoula.
Dart is an avid conservationist, hunter and outdoors enthusiast. He is a
life member and longtime supporter of the Elk Foundation.
"I've watched the growth and mission successes of the Elk Foundation for
many years, and I've been so impressed by its accomplishments. I welcome the
opportunity to help lead this organization-its board, volunteers and
staff-to new achievements in elk habitat conservation," said Dart, who lives
in Tucson, Ariz. "And my family and I are trilled to move to Missoula and
get to know the community," he added.
Dart has been a recognized leader in the shooting sports and hunting
industry for the past 17 years. His new position with the Elk Foundation
ends his tenure as executive director of the Safari Club International and
SCI Foundation, a position he held since 2001. While at Safari Club, he and
his team repositioned that organization as a leader in protecting freedoms
to hunt worldwide, established a charitable giving program that exceeded
financial expectations, engaged corporate sponsors, achieved record income
at the organization's annual convention in 2003, and balanced a budget
deficit of $2.8 million.
From 1990 to 2001, he was president of Dart International Inc., a company
that invented and produced interactive video target systems for use in
various aspects of the shooting sports industry including hunter's
education. Dart has served on the boards of the Archery Manufacturers and
Merchants Association and the industry advisory board for the International
Hunter Education Association. He currently serves on the board of the
Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation in Washington D.C.
"We've got a real winner in J. Dart, and I'm thrilled with his selection,"
said Bob Munson of Polson, one of the Elk Foundation's founders as well as
its first CEO and still an honorary member of the board. "Our search process
was exhaustive and J. rose to the top. I'm convinced that he brings the
passion and leadership necessary to move us to a new level of mission
Working together in an ambitious campaign called "Pass It On," members,
volunteers, and supporters of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation are
conserving elk country at a pace exceeding 1½ square miles per day. Their
organizational goal is to reach 5 million total acres-an area more than
double the size of Yellowstone National Park-in 2005. Emphasizing permanent
land protection and habitat stewardship, the Elk Foundation's
state-of-the-art mapping technology focuses the work in crucial elk winter
range, summer range, migration corridors and calving grounds. To help us
"pass on" an elk country legacy for future generations, visit or call 800-CALL ELK.
I understand that RMEF has decided to make a commitment to be an elk HUNTING organization again. I will most likely rejoin.


If you hear that Elk and hunting become a priority for RMEF, please let me know, and I will rejoin.

If their mission is bigger Office Buildings, and larger administrative staffs, then I will likely send my $$$ elsewhere.
Elkgunner, That's exactly why my activities with the RMEF have been reduced to a $25.00 donation each year. I've joined the Arizona Elk Association. They are dedicated not only to preserving the heritage of hunting, but to keeping all of the moneys donated, to work in Arizona instead of sending 83% of the gross collected, to Montana. I believe that the future holds a belt tightening for the RMEF. Lots of individual chapters are getting tired of seeing all of thier hard work go to another state without even a thank you in return.

I believe the belt-tightening at the RMEF has already been done. In the last year, the administrative staff has been cut by over a third. I'm not sure what's going on with the new HQ building. When all that was first announced I believe there was a mistaken assumption that a bennifactor would be funding most of it.

The RMEF is the Elk Foundation and is concerned with the protection of the species, not just those in Arizona or Colorado or name a state. The money raised by the individual chapters goes to montana and is redistributed to wherever it is needed most. Unfortunately not everyone will be satisfied with the prioritizions set all of the time. If someone is only concerned with the wildlife in his/her state, than it makes sense for them to support a state-specific organization.

In the six years I've been helping to run our chapter, I've never felt my efforts wern't appreciated. Although we get plenty of ataboys, that's not why I do it.
Thanks for posting this Todd, looks like a good fit for the RMEF. I can't wait to see how things go. and yes I am a member and on a chapter committee. I encourage you guys to not only join but get on a committee and help out. You will learn alot about the RMEF and see where your money is going.
Pretty amazing that they got him from the SCI, but he sure does a lot more besides that. The SCI dues are higher than RMEF I think?