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New Colorado Goat Unit- G-18


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Oct 1, 2013
High Country CO
Any of the Colorado guys notice this new addition to Goat units, G18? Looks like the area right around Mt. Holy Cross. I thought it was interesting, as I've never even seen a goat in the unit, much less a good population of them. They'll issue one tag for 2015...

Anybody ever seen goats in this area?

The new unit was originally approved 2012, but because of some internal foot stomping we did not get a license until this year. The population estimate is 15 animals, so hopefully applicants do their due diligence before applying.
I'm a bit surprised they didn't just reassign the northern boundary of G17 to include the area..
I think they want to sustain it as a hunted population, so they did not want all of the G17 hunters shooting them out in that area.
Very interesting, thanks Oak. I've got plans for some hikes in the area this summer and maybe I'll snap a photo or two. To be fair, I didn't really scour the area last summer in search... Spent too much time on the other side of the Interstate!

It'd be funny if a hunter stumbled on a big billy in that area!