Mt. Goats and Mustangs out my morning window

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Feb 4, 2021
To my surprise the Mustangs and Mt. Goats are doing the same thing.

They are avoiding lush green areas for grazing and instead choosing to eat feed that is dry and brown

Go figure!

Two of the three mustangs on my land will let me give them carrots when they come to the water trough near my “Little House on the Prairie”. One, much younger won’t let me come near him,,,,,yet. I am not sure if he ever ate a carrot.

About six months ago I looked in my gun safe and thought; “What have I done, way too many”, so I began selling them. Felt good. Do new things with the money.

One, was a custom 35 Whelen built on a commercial FN action. It used to be my antelope rifles when I hunted them in lush mountain meadows surrounded by aspens. Totally grizzly country! I loved hunting there.

With the money I got from the Whelen, I bought a high quality spotting scope on sale.

Now I live on the prairie but, in real close view of mountains that go almost 10,000’. Morning sun is ideal for glassing.

Still big patches of snow around land that looks so barren. That is where the Mt. Goats stay put. I just saw one big Billy visit another one. Came nose to nose for a few moments then went back to the ridge.

I wonder why he did that ?

Mustangs Rule

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