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My odds


New member
Dec 10, 2000
California, or Texas
My wife asked me if we could go on a cruise to with some friends of hers in January. My reply was, not if I draw a sheep tag! She said I was better off playing the lotto than the tag. I looked up my odds. using last years numbers.

Desert Sheep 285 : 1

Elk 1,171 : 1

I have better odds drawing a desert sheep tag for my home state than drawing a resident elk tag her in california.
let us know how the cruise was.......:D...(good luck on the draw)........JB
Which area did you put in for elk, John? I put in for Tule Elk on Grizzly Island fat, ugly (LUCKY) older brother has gotten drawn twice bull and one cow. The bull is a fantastic mount. Good Luck, John!!!
Sounds like a sheep tag to me ;) Good luck on the hunt

Take the cruise later
I also put in for grizly Island bull tag. No way I am going to put in for a cow tag here in California. If I wanted the cow elk meat so bad I will go get an over the counter tag in WY.

I agree with you on the Calif. cow tag...why fight the odds for a cow tag? Might as well go for the gusto on the Tule Elk Bull! I apply for the second period bull hunt...only 300-something to one odds, I think. :D
Acording to the DFG web site you will be able to get the results on their site on the 25. Un lucky deer people are getting there I am sory letter in the mail now. Next will be the lucky sheep, elk, lope. After that the lucky deer people. Come on X 12.

Good luck John on all the drawings. Desert sheep would be kool. I am gonna start applying next year for that myself. If you want a cow elk, that could be arranged.:D:D Would fit right in with your deer hunt, same area and everything. That would be fine if someone wants to pick your puppy up for you next month John. Good luck on all the draws John and Cali Hunter. bcat
I might take a plane over there then rent a car. It's a 2 day trip there and another 2 days back. Might save alot of time for me and call southwest airlines up.Don't know if they like guns or not. May need a loaner 30-06 or something.

HNTRJHN, if you were wondering about southwest airlines and guns, i can tell we fly them every year and have never had a problem!! (mostly eastcoast though!!)just sign the card,which declares it to be unloaded, slip it in the case and away ya go! the last two times there was a skycap waiting at the baggage claim with our cases prior to any other luggage from the plane comming off! i thought that was pretty cool, only airline to do that for us!! GOOD LUCK!!!