My 09 Archery Mule Deer.


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Oct 31, 2009
I might try that next year. I've taken a few with a rifle but would like to try the September hunt.

Double S

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Dec 4, 2009
E. Washington State
Thanks folks for the kind Words. I hunt mainly by myself and I'm partially Disabled. I would love to go out in the deep back country like on the OYOA. But I know my limitations and I don't want to end up as a Hunter rescued on CNN. Luckily, I live out where most people go to hunt. The back of my Property borders state land. As long as I take it easy step by step. I can make it by foot to most of the honey holes without blowing my back out. That's why I hunt pre rut or anytime there's not a lot of snow on the ground. I can't make it through rough deep snow. when I take a buck down. I get to a cellphone use location and call some neighbors to help me with getting the buck to the truck. Plus there's hardly any other Bow hunters hunting the land I spot and stalk. He is not the biggest buck on the net. But he is my trophy.