Muzzleloader doe (my 1st)


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods

I took ScreaminReel,Vipe and my friend John along for the muzzleloader weekend. I set up
SR and John up in 2 other areas while I walked from the cabin we was staying to the woods over the hill. I get into the woods at 7:30am and started my still hunting into the wind in the wooded area at the orchards border.(This was about 200 yards away from where TE lost his deer opening day of archery.) WEll I had finally went about 150 yards at 9 am when I hear rustling leaves. I drop donw to one knee and try to see what it is. Finally after about a minute I see a deer's head coming toward me. It is a doe(not a big one either) It stops behind a tree where I couldnt get a shot and I wait.

I am thinking that I should pass on it because I dont want to kill anymore dinky deer. But then I can use a landowner's tag for it and Vipe would kill me if I didnt try to kill the deer.

So it finally starts moving up along the trail farther up the hill from me and I wait till it is in the last clear lane I have to shoot. I meep at it and put the sights right in front of its front leg and I aim for the opposite leg. I squeeze the trigger and BAM . The Traditions Deerhnter 50 cal sends a 385 grain bullet propelled by 80 grains of Prydex to the deer.

The deer turns arond and goes back the way it came with its tail down. I hear it go out of sight and then I hear some thrashing and then silence. I reload taking my time and then I head up to where the deer was when I shot it.

I start going toward where I saw the deer vanish and I see blood. The more I follow the more blood I see. Finally after about 40 yards I get to some thick stuff. I go into it and after about 10 yards I see the deer.

Hey it isnt a big buck but it was my first deer via a muzzleloader

Here are more pics
Here is the pic I have of me and the dang deer.

If you properly train your wife, you can have this happen <IMG SRC="smilies/tongue.gif" border="0">

This is where I finally found the deer after following the bloodtrail

This is the sun coming over the hill Saturday morning right before I got into the thick of the woods

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