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Mules or White-tail...


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Which do you prefer to hunt and Why..... And what method do you use ?!?!?!

I personally never hunted Whitetail (Besides women ;)) and I like the Later season Mules with the rifle..... I would rather hunt in the Snow......

And YOU ?!?!?!?!
Moosie, I feel exactly the way you do, BUT, I have never hunted whitetail (deer). We can hunt them in CO, but would have to choose between mule and whitetail deer. Can't give up the mulies!!

I hunt them as late as the state will allow. Like the snow and the rut.

I forgot....

I would give up a season of mulie hunting to hunt Coues (would someone PLEASE pronounce this for me??) deer!!!!
They sound pretty exciting!

Colorado Oak.....For those of us who are hooked on phonics, one would pronounce Coues Deer as "Kouz Deer". They are one of the two white tail dwarf sub species. The other dwarf sub specie is the Florida Key Deer. Being smaller, they are harder to hit. Har, Har, HAR! ;)
Well Whitey, you're close but not quite. The Army Captain that the little grey $hits are named after pronounced his name "Cows" so that is the correct pronounciation for the name. However, if you talk to many people about "cows" deer, they will look at you like you're nuts. So it really doesn't matter what you call them, Cows or Kooz, they are still tough to spot and even harder to shoot. Personally, I would love to shoot one of those sneaky little dog-deer. I just can't seem to draw the right tag. Some years, I can't seem to draw any tag. :cool:
I thought it was pronounced 'Cows', but wasn't sure. I usually end up refering to them as "those little grey deer that live in AZ." :D

Living in the east (ok, frozen north), my opportunites have been limited to whitetails.

After spending last winter perusing this board, I got an itch to try something new. A friend and I applied for Montana elk/deer license this year. Didn't get drawn for elk, but wound up with deer licenses. This will be our first try at hunting mulies .... though we'll probably spend a disproportionate amount of time scouting for future elk opportunites and just generally learning some new country.

We'll be heading west around the 18th of October so we can spend the opening week out in the field.

- rgl

PS: Hope you all have a great hunting season!

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I love hunting whitetail, but i would love to get a good chance on a nice muley. I have hunted them 2x so far and only seen one little forkhorn that I refused to shoot, most of the time spent elk hunting. but one of these days i will forgo the elk and (yea right) consintrate on a big old muley.
I've only hunted Texas Whitetail once, and Columbian Blacktail once, but have taken several Rocky Mtn. Mulies, Desert Mulies, and Coues' Whitetails. I like hunting the Coues' Whitetail, (pronounced "cows", but most people pronounce it "cooz"). Here's a pic of a B&C Coues' Whitetail that I took in 1993.

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Nice Deer GM, is it an AZ deer or an Old Mexico deer? The body looks huge for one of "those little grey deer that live in the desert". What did it weight? :cool:
Real nice buck Gila. Being from Indiana we only have whitetails (and not many) so that is the only kind that I have ever hunted. I really enjoy shootgun season (killed out the last 3) but really hope that I can get my first with a bow this year.
The Coues' Buck above was taken in the Southwest Bootheel area of New Mexico. Maybe 10 miles from the border with Sonora, Mexico. It was taken from the Animas Mountains. The buck was indeed large for a Coues'. We guessed it at 110-115 lbs. (not exagerating). The form for the mount had to be built for it as the cape was much larger than the large size forms on the market. This is one of my most prized mounts. The hunt was a tough one and I was lucky to get him.
I have seen the Monster whitetail that the Gila Monster has!!! It is a big one. Someday I will join the GM ranks of a truely great hunter and all around cool guy.
Welcome to Moosie's, Albert! Hope you hang around the best site on the web!


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