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Most versatile sound?


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Jul 27, 2003
Ejido Esqueda
Ive asked this question before in forums,and the conversation turns to calls, not sound. I am interested in what sound other hunters think is their best or favorite. It's a tight race for me between the cottontail distress and a woodpecker distress. With either of these two sounds Ive called every kind of predator Arizona has to offer, as well as deer,javelina,raptors etc. If pressed to choose only one, I'd have to grab the cottontail sound...whats your favorite?
Rich H, I'm familiar with the canine pups, but not the puppies. Have you used the pups, and how would or does it compare to the puppies?

I really like the high pitched sounds; especially those I can make on a Crit-R-Call Pee Wee or Standard.

Take care.

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Careful Rich, You'll scare him off again


Try the JS distressed Quail, It's the only sure thing in Southern AZ.
Quail sound ehh? Hell, there are so damned few left in southern Arizona, I don't even know if I know what one sounds like, you think the coyotes do?
As an aside, richy scares no-one.......he just aggravates you like a pimple on yer ass,inconsequential,but aggravating none the less,so rather than pick and ponder it, better just to ignore it and hope it goes away
Quail numbers are up in this area. In developed areas with water quail are raising their third brood of the year. We have a covey hanging around our house with little sparrow size chicks.
Hi vicy.

Lucky you. I've a couple of Kitt fox hanging around here, and I think they must be eating all of my little ones. They seem to disappear faster than they can be hatched.
I read somewhere on another board that FoxPro offers a great Red Chili Rectal Clench sound.
I also think cottontail and woodpecker are the best sounds. My best cottontail sound comes out of my old wooden Circe profesional model. My only woodpecker sound comes out of my FOXPRO. Howling before I use the distress sounds or just howling works good too.
Sorry SilverBullet,
I don't mean to convert over to calls but...I love the sound of the AP-6. I had to tell you that because I havn't a clue what it is I sound like. But I like the high pitch!
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