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Most Useful Thing You’ve Learned on HuntTalk


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Dec 5, 2021
I haven’t been on the forum too long, but in the year-ish I have been I have learned a-lot from it about hunting and had lots of laughs along the way. This got me thinking; what is the most useful thing I’ve learned on here? I’d also love to learn what stuck with you guys most after joining the forum. Maybe it’s a hunting technique you learned, facts about an animal, stats, etc. Whatever it is let me know I’m anxious to hear what everyone else has taken from here.
Tillamook has the best cheese and ice cream (I knew, but it was confirmed).

Meeting Internet strangers for a hunting trip is a hoot. Bonus when they are excellent cooks.

Vintage firearms are meant to used.

The email addresses of every commissioner, representative, governor, committee member or other official responsible for wildlife legislation and management in Montana.

1. Don't put a whole elk in the bed of your truck, a lot of people around here hate that.
2. Most people here bleed gold rings. If it isn't a leupold or sworo, it's not worth owning. Also, Vortex is the worst optics in the world despite being backed by some of the biggest names in hunting.