Most Useful Thing You’ve Learned on HuntTalk

1. Everyone deserves to have a community of people who have different experiences and opinions, but care deeply about the same thing. In the echo-chamber of modern life, this is worth its weight in gold.

2. An internet forum full of weirdos can function pretty well and be a pretty dang useful and enjoyable place when it is moderated in a thoughtful way, by thoughtful people.

3. It pains me to say it, but Tilamook really does make pretty good ice cream. The cheese is still garbage, sorry.
Such a great post until that last line.
Lots of good people on here.

I've learned a ton on here from recipes to some at home taxidermy/ game processing.

Reloading/gunsmithing/ first hand gear experiences

Its always fun to see how others approach/ implement plans/experience their adventures. I've taken a lot of things away in the details and have implemented some of them into my own adventures. Things I would've probably never learned.

You also learn a lot of what not to do to.

Made some good friends on here and wouldn't change it for anything.
I really can’t isolate one thing. I have been a sort of addict for a decade now, and am quite a different person than I was when I first posted on here. So a noncomprehensive list in no particular order

-The best method for cleaning skulls (Buzz’s)

-A much greater understanding of wildlife policy and governance

-How little I know about a lot of things

-People I thought I knew can just change their name and picture and I have no f!#ing clue who they are anymore

-A lot of music I would’ve never heard otherwise

-The most badass and accomplished hunters on earth cannot agree about boots or rifle calibers

-A lot of upland hunters are artists too.

-“You’ll run out of health before you run out of money” – works for a lot of discussions

-Peace before justice….sometimes

- Gifs>Memes>pictures>words

-There's hunting on nearly every landscape in the country to be explored
Another major one is how much work it truly is behind the scenes to fight to keep our outdoor traditions. How tiring it seems to be to try and keep a balance of everything. How much work regular ordinary people do and take time out of their lives to do it.

Its a struggle for me to keep up with the hot topic forums on all of it and dissect the details.

Guys like @BuzzH @Nameless Range @Ben Lamb @Ben Long @Gerald Martin @Schaaf @Big Fin @Randy11 @theat @antlerradar @brockel and so many others.

Can't forget @Hunting Wife or @MTelkHuntress @wllm Or @neffa3

Just some absolutely incredible people that have the will power and knowledge to bring to the table to fight the good fight for all of us.

That honestly might be the most eye opening and humbling thing I've seen in my existence on here. These conversations are no where else but in a site like this, and i bet you 90 percent of the general public doesn't have a clue either.
I came here for the sweet tips and honey holes....and stuck around for the friends and camaraderie that have been discovered along the way.

I've learned a ton about hunting, but SO much more than that and a lot of great stuff that has nothing at all to do with hunting.

"_____ when you can. You're gonna run out of health before you run out of money." is @Big Fin dropping knowledge that can change your life way beyond hunting.

Chopper mitts can't be beat.

I've found lots of new music on Fridays...I like the Turnpike Troubadours, who knew??

Dogs are some of the best hunting partners you'll ever find.

Dogs hunt better, harder, and longer if you buy them a new shotgun, preferably one with two barrels and the older the better.
For every opinion there is an equal and opposite opinion.
Amen! And in light of this, no matter how much I wish to believe it is, sometimes mine are incorrect. 😀

I am addicted to the:
Humor for the day, hunting memes, window stickers and "Great social media" posts and look forward to them daily.

Randy is a lot wiser than he looks. 😁😉

I am envious of the quick, witty sense of humor some folks have.

There is a nationwide dilemma whereas hunters and hunting pressure (demand) is outgrowing the resource and it is damaging the overall hunting experience that drew us to this awesome activity. It seems that in light of the fact that most of us are willing to give some concessions that the almighty $dollar$ is winning the battle, and conservation is (sadly) taking a backseat in many instances.
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You can ask most anything from any active member or admin and they’ll respond. My first conversation was directly to @Big Fin asking how to do that wicked sous vide camping trick.

And if you ever use words like “Vortex” or “Creedmoor” we HTers will beat you with your own words. And you brought that on yourself.
Elk, I read about them in Bugle Magazine. It’s a good magazine for a good cause, I even have their logo and saying pasted in my gun cabinet. I never hunted them and probably never will at my age and where I live. But I love the stories in the magazine. Now, as far as this forum, it has given me much pleasure to read about the different hunting trips that members have experienced and the photos are wonderful. It surely has given me even more insight into where they are hunted and the caliber of firearms that are used to hunt them. It surely doesn’t hurt for an old whitetail hunter to learn more about the elk and folks here bring it to me.

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