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Moosies Back from Deer hunting...


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Left on a Whim Tuesday and just got back... Saw lot's of bucks and a few nice ones...(Nice being some 4 points in the low 20" group, not deerking, miller, and BUZZ nice ;) ) Saw Some Wolves for the first time,(2 days in a row). Kind of Eiry hearing them Howling...... Didn't see any bulls but some cows... Helped Pack a bull out a buddy shot. Had a good time, Wylee came up yesterday and got a 2 point buck. I barely helped him pack much out. He got most of it but I think felt sorry cuz I was Wussin' it after 4 days of hunting and slipping with my Summer boots in the snow

Heck, 4 days in the hills and I got Guano, he's up one morning and shoots a buck (Which I was backing him up shooting and still missed...
) Ohhh well, one more weekend.

I'll catch up later, Hope everyone is Well and Doing good !!!!
You looking for a big spike or what? Wolves, wow. I'd shoot a 20 inch mule deer, but I don't think it would score near what Buzz's did. Where's mtmiller's, he must have got one while I was on a trip?
Thats kind of like the One I saw... Exept he was over a log ;)

Seriously though, those critters are some Spooky beasts moving through the woods !!
I've trained this one really good. (He's really just pretending to be dead)LMAO!!!
Hearing them howl is really cool. Having a dozen surrounding you and howling with them and having them answer you has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever experienced. Especially having my boy with me to experience it too.
Here's the finished skull. Still haven't talked to my taxidermist to find out how much a rug mount is going to cost me. Maybe I can swing a deal by trading my green bear hide from this past spring.

The thing is, I'm still in the UNSURE catagory about them stupid dogs. On one hand I think people use them as an excuse when they don't get out their truck to hunt, and on the other hand, I know they do their fair share of taking down game.

One thing I did learn is tin foil over the colars covers up the signal and just throwing them in a river doesn't. I don't know why anyone would need to know that, but I like sharing info on HuntTalk ;)

I wish they'd just open up a "LEGAL" season on them. maybe as a ballence ?!?!?! That being said, I'm guessing there are a Few that die prematurely ;)
Better luck next weekend Moosie.

This year is the first in 4 years I have not seen or heard any wolves. Haven't seen any elk either. Have seen deer but no deer tag this year.
I called one in to about 10 feet with a cow call this year. Scared the crap out of me. If I never see another one I'll be okay with it. In the area I hunt the elk hunting has got bad and we started noticing the big decline when we had wolves show up. I know they are used as an excuse by some, but this state has a ton of them and can't do a thing about it. They've hurt herds no question, how do we get numbers back though?
Holy moly, look at that white stuff! Geese, its like 80s here. Congratulations to Wylee, you to, I guess you helped out there too. Way to go!
Way to go Wylee. Nice buck and it looks as if you had some awesome hunting conditions.
Congrats on the buck, Wylee. Looks like you had good hunting weather.

Congrats wylee. Awesome deer. Did you get your ears lowered from the last time I saw you?

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