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Moosie scores...


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Nothing to brag about..small to average size, but my 4th bear is under my belt. I shot my turkey first day out this year and Bear also.... now If I could just hold out I could get bigger ones :D :D

Nothing spectacular.. I'll have pics later when they get developed later in the week... HAVE 6 more pics to take....

Anyway, long story short, Hiked a hill, saw a bear, video taped it for a few mins after following it ... It bedded down... I put the camcorder on it with a tripod... Pulled the trigger. KABLAM !!! Hiked it off the hill....

I was sitting on a hillside only 1-1.5 miles back into this drainage and up this hill glassing the canyon to the Left... I heard some noise behind me and though, "WHAT if a bear came from the other direction"... Sure as Crap stinks, one did

I reached for the camcorder first opening the backpack an digging through the rest of the garbage. I caught like 5 seconds of it on video before it bailed off the back hill to the right (Behind me) not sure if it knew I was there or not ?!?! I gathered up my stuff and located it again... It didn't go very far before it decided to bed down (MAYBE like 9:00 or so?) the sun was coming up and getting warm and, well, I think It knew something was fishy going around.... Anyway, I got it on camcorder... I debated several times on shooting it then decided to.... HAHA, I needed someone there to tell me to let it go, But the wife is happy now cuz my spring tags are filled.. *SMILE* (Even though I'll be going with Wylee and MD4me soon again !!)

I Hit it 1/2" up and left of it's right eye at 100YArds.... Killed it dead !!! I was actually trying to skim it over the head and put it in the vitals, It was kinda balled up and looking up every now and then... BUt it did the job fine...

WELL thats my story and I'm sticking to it *SMILE*
Congrats on #4 Moosie.No wonder you didnt find any sheds!! :D Now you do like Ithaca37 said and pack that sucker in cannin jars and you gonna have some good eats. ;)
Way to go Moosie. How did the video turn out with the shot? Guess I am going to have to get off my butt one of these days and learn how to hunt bear. I am slowly moving west across the country and closer to the bears.
MAineiac, I don't know about some "GOOD EATS" but I'll try :D

Colorado oak, I only took 2 pics. Since the bullet went into his face, they wern't looking all that good. I took a side view, Hopefully it came out. I ws alone and didn't have my digi-camera or timer camera.

Ithica, Country gal, THANX !!

MTmiller, I watched the video about 10 times. it actually came out fairly good I guess. I used the digital zoom to be WAY up close and it wa sGrainy. I would have been better backing out and not seeing so cloe. Would have been better.. Live and learn I always say, BUT the 4-5 mins of video I took was pretty cool. Most of it was of it laying down. HAHA

1-pointer, HAHA, I'm going up next sunday for sure after Turkey (If not bear) I get a second tag Thursday..., If you want to see if we can spot a bear I'm game to, I would jsut as soon hike back into the woods... MY luck with hunting with people maybe you'll come all this way and se nothing ?!?!. MAybe I can talk ol' Wylee into hikeing that canyon with me with his tag, He usually don't take much ARM twistin' ;) Fire me off an E-mail with your phone # again. I lost it :rolleyes:
'SKy, I can't tell Greenies Secret ;) I've been making installment payments to him and he's shared his Bear hunting secret with me :D BUT, I can tell you he no longer wears the undies he used to, I own them now... :eek: :eek:
Congratulations, Moosie!! Both the bruin and the turkey!

I hope to get out next weekend, but have been fighting Ol' Man Flu.

Take care. L.W.
Congrats on the bear moosie.
!!! :eek::eek: You guys were trading underware out in the woods :eek::eek:!!!
That sounds just icky!!! :D :D
congrats Oscar! another rug? pretty soon your house is gonna be "wall to wall" bear rugs! forget the friggin carpet! cant wait to see the pics! was this a bow kill ????
Congrats Moosie! There is just something extra exciting about chaing an animal with claws and teeth. Sounds like it was an exciting stalk and shot. Thats really what hunting is about! Don't sell yourself short, I know alot of fellas that hunt season to season and never put it together on spring bears.Way to go! Happy hunting, Casey
CASEY. YOU said "

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> chaing an animal <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Is that a SEXUAL comment ???!? ? ;)

I wasn't selling myself on the Hunting of bear, I think I know how to hunt them... I was selling the "SIZE" of the bear short. I always have intentions on holding out then... AFTER the dust settles. Sometimes I either misjudged, or didn't wait like i should have :D :D

Either way, I love bear hunting and looknig foward to Wacking one in Canada next year !!!!!