Montana Trophy Elk relocates to Texas!

Looks like 280 will have to find a new place to hunt elk.

I bet 280 cried for a month when he heard this news. The 1973 ford just aint up to that long trip to hunt elk in Texas...and its too far to ride an atv.
I deleted my orginal response to lil buzz, he isn`t worth my time, he really can`t put up a good debate, and thinks of himself as an expert on everything, so lil buzz continue on,,,

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Did anyone else notice they have the same pic in their "Trophy Room" under both Archer and Handgun...

Did the guy shoot in the ass with an arrow then walk up to it and finish it off with his 44 mag?
They haven't been hunted in a few years it says. I bet there's some big ones for those that want to do it. A lot of people here even think and elk is a big animal to have on a place like that. There is so little hunting pressure on them, it seems like, they just stand around a lot. I haven't seen this place though, maybe its a bit different because its set up for elk.

I got an elk in Idaho once. It was a public tag over the counter. The caribou public tag in Alaska just became my most expensive hunt, beating the Idaho public hunt for elk. All the Texas private animals have been cheaper, not that there are not some expensive ones out there, I just am not rich enough for them yet, maybe ever.

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