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Montana deer questions


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Jul 7, 2001
  1. How do you describe this buck to your buddies on the internet with no picture?
  2. How do you describe how many points it has?
  3. Is it going home with you?
  4. Why/why not?

In Montana, a decent 5 point mule deer that was a dime a dozen 20 years ago but now as good a buck as you're likely to see. While I'd like to say I wouldn't shoot it, as I've shot several bigger, I probably would if I was strictly hunting for mule deer in a general unit.

1 & 2: "A real pretty 5 x 5. Not huge, but nice."

3. Yes

4. I have not seen a mule deer buck that "nice" in the district in which I live ( and have really kind of quit hunting for MD), in at least 3 or 4 years. I like the way he looks, and could imagine seeing him in the timber west of my home, and being pretty excited with the crosshairs on his heart.
He was a solid 150-160 mature four point. Yes, he’s going home with me on any hunt other than maybe one of the special draw Bitterroot tags.
Standard govt issue 4x4 with brow tines. Probable shooter on a general tag, but not a “no brainer, panic and shoot it right now” shooter.
High 150/low 160s, 21-22" wide, 4pt with brow tines, nice buck.
Probably not going to shoot him. I don't need to shoot another buck like that, Ill fill my freezer with a cow elk if I need/want more meat.
  1. How do you describe this buck to your buddies on the internet with no picture? "When I was out in Montana chasing mulies, I ran across this nice 11 pointer that was pretty wide with some really nice tall tines"
  2. How do you describe how many points it has? "He was a solid 10 pointer with a cheater kicker for an 11th"
  3. Is it going home with you? Yes
  4. Why/why not? Because I don't care for trophy hunting for monsters. I prefer to notch my tag on anything that is at least 3 1/2 years old of which I'm fairly certain that deer is.
We hunted for 10 days straight and the biggest buck we saw was a 22" 4 point. It was an ok buck, probably 4 or older, but I was looking for something better. Glad to see one survived.

Need to add what you think he scores, to the question lineup. I'd guess him around 145-150.
1) depends. If he is in the back of the truck, really nice MT mule deer. If he somehow got to walk unscathed, a Monster, a Tank, certainly a Booner.
2)4x4 with some stickers.
3,4) Hell yes. First day of hunt or last day of hunt (sometimes those answers are different for people), he gets shot if the opportunity presents.
1. “Dude! Bro! You’re not going to believe this buck I passed! 190 plus! But I was looking for a 200!”
2. Giant typical with eye guards and trash
3. Holy hell! Not a chance!
4. That is a young dink
  1. How do you describe this buck to your buddies on the internet with no picture?
“4x4 with small eye guards” or maybe “small 5x5”

150” tops

  1. How do you describe how many points it has?
See above
  1. Is it going home with you?
Not unless I’m in another state, I need the meat, and am short on time or on a quick weekend hunt. If I had more time, didn’t need the meat, easy pass.

I wouldn’t shoot that buck in my home state with a bow or rifle under any circumstances.
  1. Why/why not?
My guess is he’s a 3.5 yr old, thin horned buck, with a crab claw/bbq fork on his left side. Just doesn’t strike me as a mature, dominant herd buck.

Edit: he might barely break 140”
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Pretty decent 160ish buck. I would pass but I wouldn't expect to ever see him again. I would pass because I set my standards above that 40 years ago and I would feel like a dick if I killed him. He does have nice eye guards though. 160 is maybe generous.
I think he has short ears.
Lots of guys will say pass in a picture but if he turns to leave in real life they will shoot him in the ass.