Lost River's Bucket Killer

Big Sky

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Dec 22, 2000
North Central Montana
As I posted before this bear was in the boat and was run off by approaching hunters in another boat. Once the hunter got this monster on the ground he totally flipped out. It was all caught on video and was actually pretty funny. I can't say I blame the dude for flipping out as I would of done the same thing. According to the girth/length chart this bear would weigh right around 460 pounds. It's front pad was 6 1/4" wide and it's head green scored 20 11/16". It's one hawg of a bear. There's no trick photography to make this bear look big, he just plain is! I've got ton's of photos of many different bears so stay tuned, but I figured why not get off with a big bang and show you this one. I was in camp 3 weeks and during that time every single hunter had an opportunity to kill an adult bear. One hunter was holding out for a monster and passed on 5 bears, he went home without a bear. Another hunter (bowhunter) shot and lost a bear and he went home empty as well. It's definitely BEAR-CENTRAL up there. If any of you had any reserves about going there I'd forget about them and send Casey your deposit. Bears everywhere and the fishy wasn't too shabby either.



Dec 11, 2000
very nice bear! keep the pics comming! and i bet hes not an once over 450lb ;)