Little Montana Bull on Cover of Eastmans

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Dec 21, 2000
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HAhaha. Fugginggoodhunters bull is beautiful and heavy. Hope all of ya get Eastmans Bowhunting Journal!

Good Article BB, Congrats.
He told me I could Unleash his Pics when It came out. Does this mean I can post the pic finally ?!?!? :D :D
well stick me with an arrow--NOT---got the mag last night and read the story and the mag--I didn't know ol' FGH was on this site--that's cool---congrats on another awesome bull---yea let's see some more pics---chris
Well, I am looking at the mag now, so they aren't confidential anymore. Go for it Moosie.

Green 370 5/8. Was that net or gross FGH? Probably net eh.
I need to wait till he say's it's OK..... And talk him into posting the bear pic too

All he said was "Anyway here he is. Scores 370 5/8. absolutely a $*)Q!#@$ pig. 55 inch beams/ first circ is 10."

I'm not sure.... HELL, If you have the article, you should know ;)
Yeah, thats what it says in here too. Be nice to be on Two Eastmans covers!! :eek: Well, at least its him and not Cameron Hanes. I think he's been on about half the mags covers!
DID it have his QUOTE ...

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> absolutely a $*)Q!#@$ pig <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

WOW ;)
Horn Seeker, I'm glad somebody else is sick of seeing Camron Hanes on the front cover. That is half the reason I don't subscribe anymore. Ever read his articles? It is like reading a William Shakespere novel. I think the guy even has a book out. "Homos with bows" or something. Can't remember the name of it.
I Hope my mag comes in the mail today.........What does the cover shot pay anyway? ;)
and....can I have your autograph?????

Oh and W.W.
I bet you could do the same....he probably spends a hell of a lot less than we all do on equipment (SPONSORS) :D :D
Every pic I have seen of him has some equipment logo in plain view ;)
JF Florida... I bet I couldn't do the same. I know very few people that are as bad as me when it comes to bow hunting. Ask the Yetty. I'm sure that guy is a good bowhunter. His writing style is just a bit too fancy for me.
Thanks for all the congrats guys.

I actually havent seen the mag yet, so i hope you like the article. Im very happy with that bull.

BTW 370 5/8 is gross. He is fairly uneven. His 7 point side scores 170 and the 6 side scores 160. He is a 380 bull on the left and a 360 on the right and should net about 363. He was 10+ years old and over 1000 pounds live. His body was bigger than the Caribou Bull.

Moosie- go ahead and post some photos if you like.
Awesome bull Burns!

I haven't seen the article yet though because my mail man hates me. Did you digitally enhance the photo to add facial hair like suggested to you by Mike Eastman!
BTW I have to let you guys know all the photo credits go to the Yetty. Thats his second cover photo(playboy already called him).

I will take all the credit for how good I look. I use a mild lotion in the morning and just a little bit of gel in the hair. I didnt shave because i'm trying to rock the grizzly adams look. Ha Ha Ha

The Bear is from this spring in Montana.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Absolutely a $*)Q!#@$ pig<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
That ain't no shit!! Both of 'em! I like the mass of the elk! I much prefer girth to length, as it's what really gets ya!! :eek:

Congrats! Not too bad of record you compiling there.
Nice going FGH. I saw that mag too. Way to whack a bull bigger than a lot of folks ever get to see on the hoof!
Sweet photos...
You are the man!!
Which is the cover shot... The first one? Do you mention the Yetty in the article?

1-pointer... That is kind of disturbing.

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