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Little elk!!!


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Nov 28, 2001

Here is my little guy this year. I hand packed him a total of 6 1/2 miles out of the mountains in two peices. 90 lbs the first load, 95 lbs the second. Not to shabby for a short little guy of 150 lbs I suppose...2x3 the eye guard is a weird little attachment connected to the side of his antler... :D :D :D
Thanks for getting this pic ready for me Bill!!!

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Congrats on the bull Russ. I can taste that elk jerky right now, oh wait that's jerky from my bull!! :D :D Bet you can't wait to cook up one of those roasts!!
That's what it is. I was thinking what a great picture and it is because it is in black & white. Cool looking timber also.
Wearing a t-shirt in -10 degrees, you need you head examined
I really didn't have much of any hills to pack it out of, I came down a drainage. It sucked comming over a few rock outcrops and thru some thick blow down. There are some big boy's back in here, So next season, I will have to take a little more time to look for them. I ran into one last year bow season, but didn't get to see much but a hind end disapearing into the timber never to re-materialize. I saw another one this year, but ran out of light and by that time this guy showed up the next morning any way...Heads only come if heads show before the meat pole is filled...That's how I look at it any way. Thanks for the Kudo's guy's... :D :D :D
Well done chser good pics man, what calibre do u use ? just asking cause I'm same size as you, like 5.8" 11 stone, but give these big guys a go anyday mate :D .
No guy's...
5'8" 150 lbs
Used to be 5'8 1/2" but fell out of a tree and became a half inch shorter than I started out that day..
About the same size as Kraven.. :D :D :D

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