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Last minuet trip


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Dec 23, 2000
My weekend plans with the Boy Scouts fell through when my son got sick.
Not willing to waste a day off, I texted a friend from work, and we were on the road within an hour to check out a lake I have not fished in 25+ years.
The drive was farther then I remembered, almost 2 1/2 hour before we had the boat launched, but we started catching trout right away.

2 German Browns and 10 Rainbows, 12 to 17 inchs.
We keep just enough for my friends dinner, and released the rest.
The wind started blowing, and we had to get off the water.

Total of 5 hours driving time for less then 3 hours fishing, but now have another "spot".
While trolling, we each had a major, poll bending, drag taking hook up that got away.
I will be backl !