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Larry Benoit & sons

Jack O'Conner

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Jan 11, 2003
Black Hawk, SD
I read a borrowed library book over the weekend by Bryce Towsley. An interesting book about interesting hunters. Perhaps trackers is a more accurate description of this family.

Larry Benoit and sons are expert trackers and follow big Maine bucks for miles to get a close shot. I highly recommend this book, titled, Big Bucks the Benoit Way.

I track animals both before and after the season to understand their movements and bedding areas. But during the actual deer season I'm more of an ambush style hunter for late afternoon hunts. In the morning, its more of a "spot & stalk" technique that works for me. But I'm talking about muleys, and whitetails are all together different creatures.

My late afternoon ambush hunts have been so successful that (this will sound lazy)I don't get up before dawn to hunt like I used to. No, I'm not lazy, just conserving my resources. Right.

Just thought I'd share a great read with you guys.
jack thanks for sharing that. i was reading somewhere the other day about this same family but didnt know the name of the book. the guy who was writing it said that he lived and hunted near them.its tough to track to much here between the thickness of the swamps and the wetness but it sounds like a great idea.

as for being lazy if you are getting your deer without getting up before dawn more power to you
They are the real deal.......I'll post their pic if you'd like. The whole Benoit clan clad in their signature red flannel wool, and plenty of .....big.....dead.....bucks....
I have that book but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. I hear it is good, but whitetails don't really interest me. Oh well, maybe I will read it once I get done reading my current book.
I posted this a few days ago in the Rem. 760 topic in "Rifles" when the Benoit name came up. I have all of Larry's books, been reading them since he started writing in the 70s and I read everything I can find on the Benoits.

Being from Vermont, I'm a big admirer of Larry Benoit and the whole family. I've known them since the 70s. Learned a lot from reading the articles and books about their methods of deer hunting. Used to stop by their house every year to see the bucks they had.

There's no doubt Larry and his sons are probably the best at what they do in all of North America. I was always interested in tracking ever since I was a kid, but these guys are unsurpassed at tracking and getting big bucks. I think you could let any of the Benoits out anywhere there was a big buck and they'd have him in a day or two. Maybe in just a few hours. Don't need snow, either, although you do need the right conditions for tracking without snow. To get the big ones, anyway.

Here's some stuff about the Benoits: nting&btnG=Google+Search

I don't post stories about tracking here at HT because I don't think most Hunt Talkers would believe them, or even understand what I was talking about. I've mentioned a couple of things and got no response, so figured I'd keep quiet about it all. Go out and find a big buck track, or even a medium sized one and follow it until you see the buck and you'll start to understand. Don't waste any time following does, unless you just want to do it for the fun and learning experience so you'll be able to tell the tracks apart.
It snowed last night. I was up before dawn to try out some of the tricks I learned in the Bryce Towsley book.

I looked for tracks that had the appearance of a big buck. That is:
1) wide as a 30-06 cartridge tracks
2) deeper than others
3) wider and longer distance between tracks
4) bedding notes such as location of urine droplets

I "hunted" for about 2 hours and only found one promising set of tracks. He appears to be a loner and distances himself from the does. This is typical of mulies after the rut has ceased. His bedding area is no different than bucks I've nailed in previous seasons.

Whether I'll change my hunting habits to mirror the Benoits is questionable. But I feel that the book has a great deal of wisdom written into it. And I'll likley take notes before returning it to the library.

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