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Dec 10, 2000
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JJ oscar told me that you might be able to help me with ym question so i am comeing to you. I was wondering what the difference is between a "Greater" kudu and a "lesser" kudu? Is it region or just size of the animal??
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The lesser Kudu is much smaller than the Greater Kudu, and as far as I know it's range is limited to East and maybe central Africa. The Greater Kudu is the one we all know and is distributed throughout Africa.
Hope this helps.
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Here is some more info that I managed to find.

Lesser Kudu are almost entirely confined to East Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia through to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda). Weight of a bull is approx. 100kgs (220lbs) – similar to Nyala - and min. entry to Rowland Ward is 27 inches. Horns are very similar to those of the Greater Kudu, but much smaller. In colour it looks something like a cross between a Kudu and a Nyala – having the markings of the Nyala (including the orange/brown ‘socks’) with out the shaggy coat, but the horns and general body shape of the Kudu – actually very good looking.

While looking up these facts I was surprised to find that the Greater Kudu is not as widely spread through Africa as I thought. They really only occur in southern Africa (south of the equator), East Africa and a remote population in around Chad in West/central Africa, for the rest of Africa they are absent.
There are three recognised sub species – Southern, East African and Western - Minimum for entry to RW is 53 7/8” (Southern), 52” (Eastern) and 42 7/8” (Western). Bulls weight is about 250-280kgs (550-615lbs), but have been recorded up to 300+kgs.
Maybe this is more than you wanted, but there you are. Hope it helps.

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