Its the 30th, not the 23rd.


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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Moosie had called Thompson, the ranch owner, and discussed the 23rd or the 30th tentatively, but didn't commit to either. In the meantime, someone called Thompson and has 16 hunters booked for the 23rd. We lost that weekend but the 30th is being held for us. When Moosie left for his deer hunt, he posted I was checking into the date so I did. I just got to talk with Thompson that March 30th weekend is being held for us. We need to get the $50 deposit checks in ASAP. Thompson said if others call, that there are only 4-5 dates in between now and March that they can hunt. If we don't get 16 hunters quick, he may not be able to hold off the requests to hunt that weekend from others not in our group.

He stocks the ranch every two weeks with more rams and there will be rams. Some people call Thompson, Mr. Sheep.

Thank you to those who have said the check is in the mail. I hope it is. Send some more, it would be nice if we had the ranch for our own group of friends and family only.