Its Application time! What State are U

For elk, I am only applying here in MT. I bought my general tag earlier this month, but will be hoping to draw a special unit. I will be applying for an archery permit.
Utah archery Elk, 6 points
Colorado rifle Elk 8 points
I'll have about 50% odds on both for the areas I'll be putting in for.
Colorado muzzleloader elk 9 points...

New Brunswick, moose ....Appx. 1 chance in 12 of drawing...
Colorado "Muzz" Deer 100%
Idaho Sheep tag... N.F.W. (thats Initials for "I ain't getting it" ;) )
then O.T.C. tags on Elk, deer, and Bear here...

This year will be slow with alot less days in the field. Gunna Save up for next year again ;)

JB, You heading back to the South West again ?
Going to apply for an Idaho elk tag, any weapon season. If I don't draw then I'll be bow hunting them. Everything else I'll be on general seasons.

Moosie, what sheep tag are you trying for?
Thats COOL Guys!

Yes Moosie, i'm gonna go to NM with my bow again.
Did I tell you about the guys I met in Idaho, that got a sheep while rafting? They woke up hung over and the sheep were coming to water by their camp 100yards away......figure the odds in THAT rough ass country.

Buffalo would be AWESOME up the Elkhunter
Good luck on that one!
sambar deer in florida. they are only on one island and only hunted with bow or muzzleloader. i understand odds to be 50 pecent or better.
Idaho Mule Deer, California Blacktail, prefrence point Deer Colorado.

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I put in for deer/elk combo in MT, will also put in for moose, sheep and goat. Will also be doing a little duck and goose culling during christmas when I'm there again...

Put in for 3rd deer and 4th elk in CO as well.

I will also be hunting here in MD for deer and turkey and will slip over the borders to hunt PA and maybe WV if I have time for deer too...

Its going to be a great year, I can hardly wait!
RockyDog - It is $700 + for non-residents - I'd have to check the application at home for the exact figure. At least you get it back if you don't draw! Now, this is for a "Quality hunt, mature bull." They have other categories - antlerless, spike bull, either sex, etc. that vary by price - Quality hunts are the most expensive.
I have or will be applying shortly for:

1. elk/deer/sheep/moose in MT
2. sheep/mule deer in UT
3. desert/california bighorn in NV
4. moose/sheep/goat/antelope/elk/deer/turkey in WY
5. sheep in CO
6. sheep/coues deer/javelina/turkey/elk/antelope in AZ.

Thats it.
Moosie you fag, should have told me you had a point for muzz deer! I do too and just put in for a point instead of a tag. Found out from Jeff you were going after it was too late.
Oh well, i will be hunting with the deerking next fall in a 2 point unit.
AZ for ELK 5pts, deer no point for runt whitey, sheep 2 points, Lopes 3 pts
UT elk any weapon 8pts, Moose 3 pts
MT deer no points, goat and sheep no points
Co, elk Muzz 1 point (sure thing draw) sheep and goat no points, deer bonus only.
NM oryx (drew already!)
NM ELK archery.
Wyo , Moose bonus point only.
Man i am tapped out this year, hope refunds come so i can pay some bills!!!!!!!!!
Wow, I thought we were just talking elk.
  • sheep</font>
  • moose</font>
  • special elk</font>
  • special deer</font>
  • antelope</font>
  • mule deer</font>
  • goat</font>
  • deer</font>
South Dakota</font>
  • white tail</font>
  • turkey</font>
  • black bear</font>
Outside chance,
North Dakota </font>
  • deer</font>
Moosie, what sheep tag are you trying for?
I'll tell you when I draw ;)

JB, Yes you did tell me, that would be too easy. If I can't hike in 14 miles I'm not going Sheep hunting :eek:

Moosie you fag, should have told me you had a point for muzz deer! I do too and just put in for a point instead of a tag. Found out from Jeff you were going after it was too late.
I'll have 2 points for Next year. I'm open to teaming up. (Except I'm going to AK again in Sept so I won't be around
) I didn't tell anyone about going (Some figured it out quick though). I didn't figure Deerking would trust you with info, I know I wouldn't
(J/K man) Still time to put in for Idaho Moose.

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