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I'm going in spring 2003


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Jul 17, 2001
Benton City, WA
I'm from Washington and have had NO luck here harvesting a bear. I whitewater kayak and have spent a considerable amount of time in Lolo pass, the selway and the North Fork Clearwater rivers. I've seen many bears in those areas and even more harvested in the camps.
I live only a 125 miles from Lewiston, so the travel thing isn't bad at all. What I need is someone to hunt with...I hunt alone in Washington for Elk and Deer, my wife used to hunt with me but now we have small children...I'll hunt it alone if it turns out that way. But, if someone from Washington is thinking about Idaho spring bears, let me know.
It's nice to see these posts and the information you guys bring here is fantastic! Thanks
I'll be in the selway the first week of May, your welcomed to share camp with us if you want.

We hunt out of Moose creek, its a fly in, bout should only cost about 75.00 a person extra to fly me if you want more info
My uncle owns a mining claim on Moose Creek. You can drive there, but you have to go in from the Montana side. I've never been to the claim but he's getting Gold out, every year. Enough to pay for his time and expenses of moving the 5th wheel in every year. Not to bad for hanging out in "Gods Country", doing what you like...
I'll e-mail you ASAP & we can talk about details. Thanks for the offer!
Hey 45/70

I used to live in Moscow, Idaho which is about 30 miles East of Lewsiton. I hunted bears in Deary, Idaho which is also about 30 miles East of Lewiston. If you need to go it alone, let me know. I killed 2 bears while I lived there and saw a ton more. I can tell you exactly where I hunted right down to the places I parked. It's also low in the spots I hunted so by the first week of May the snow is guaranteed to be gone and you should have success quickly. I did anyway and like I said I saw a lot of bears
the 2 years I did it.

So get in touch with me if you would like some help.

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