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Hunting Montana, the "REAL" story ... *WINK*


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Hunting trip to Montana… HUmmm where do I start ?!?!?

I headed to Montana on the afternoon of 11/8. I had high hopes in Killing a nice Elk. I’ll spill the beans that I didn’t get an Elk but the journey was fun ! About 3.5 hours into the trip I hit a very bad snow storm. My windshield got all iced over and the snow was sticking to the windshield wipers. Having a tight schedule (So I thought) I didn’t stop to clean then I just grabbed the Windshield wiper as it came straight up and Flicked the snow off as it was running and I was doing 75 down the freeway. The 2nd time I attempted this all I saw was the Wiper leaving the front and a SMACK !! OOPS, I ripped off the wiper. I pulled over not being able to see anything and decided just to use the passenger side one…. YAH, It was snowing and I was hurrying and needless to say I had 2 broken wipers *GRRRRRrrrrr*. I proceeded to drive the 2 miles to Fort hall and call my father-in-law. In about 45 mins the new wipers were there and the snow stopped. Go figure….

I continued toward Montana now a little behind schedule. Apparently the cop that pulled me over liked hunting and that I owned my own website and the decals on the Truck, but still gave me a ticket anyway. I also found out that my license was suspended, He let me go, But I sure wasn’t supposed to be diving on the license … OOPS, when I got back with a quick phone call I got that taken care of. Anyway, I liked the guy and gave him a hat, so if a cop from Montana comes on tell him I said hi *SMILE*

I got to Montana a bit later but the Yeti, Fuggingoodhunter, Weekend Warrior, and Greeny were all waiting. They wanted a beer so we slipped out for one.. or two.. or a couple at least !!! HEhe.. Anyways.. I went to the pisser at the 2nd place and came back and wanted to give Fuggingoodhunter and Yetti a tap on the side like tough guys do…. *QUESTION MARK*… I guess they didn’t see me and They bumped noggins, Yetti’s tooth was bleeding and Fugin’hunters head was split open a bit…. OOPS !!!

I guess the Yetti bumped a guy going to the shiter, but soon after we were all back together some Gigantuan BIG Freak came over and pushed into our conversation… Needless to say I new we were in trouble when Yetti said “GET READY” and WeekendWarior turned his hand around on the beer bottle. After a bit-of pushin’ things got taken care of I guess. And luckily Greeny new the guy and after awhile an apology was said…. By them !!

Well 2AM came around and I headed back to W.W.’s house and set up for sleep. 4AM came early and the 2 hours I slept were good ones….. NOT !!! Anyways we hiked ALL over the hills like 100-200 yards… or 10 miles or so, I loose track in Montana sometimes. But the hunting gods weren’t with us so we didn’t score. We came out and he cooked me AWSOME elk burgers !!! I decided that since he couldn’t go out the next day I’d slip to Eastern Montana and do the Deer population some harm…. I tried leaving but the sleepiness set in and hit the hay early… like around 9 or so. 2 something AM came early and I hit the road to drive to eastern Montana. I seen several bucks.. A lot of little ones and a nice 4 point. I’d of shot him but needed to study the map because there is a lot of Private land over there…. Anyways, He is a 3 point I passed up and the terrain they were in….



I headed out after the solo day and decided to call ol’ ‘Sky up. Fortunately he was sick the next day so he could go hunting with me (HEHE). I headed north to his place that night and it was a short 3.5 hour drive. We shared some stories and As I sat with my eyes ½ open I listened to some good ones, I don’t remember much that night due to the lack of sleep.

The alarm went of in the morning and it was Showtime !!! We headed out and saw some does of the bat with no Bucks. We were driving over to a new spot and some ‘yotes were afield and BigSky felt the need to get one. I agreed and drove by, dropped him off and Kept driving. I returned to see a big buck running away. Apparently he spooked them up going over there. We tried to re-locate them but when I stepped out of my truck to go hook up with him All I heard was PPPSssssssssss…. YEP, the sound of a flat tier !!! SHUCKS !! Guess with the custom wheels taking out the ratchet wasn’t a good Idea … Fortunately a guy came by and I flagged him down. ‘Sky was watching the deer and when the tire was changed I quickly headed over. We did the perfect sneak on them but they were GONE when we popped out to say SURPRISE !!!! So, we headed to the other spot.

We hiked down a canyon and over 2 ridges and split up. I took the high road and he followed the side hill. Wasn’t long before I got his attention because A buck was spotted. I seen this buck butting heads with another one (Or it was feeding from it’s mom.. either way *SMILE*)

I told ‘Sky that the first 4 point I seen I’d shoot. After seeing a hog of a buck in the morning it was hard to pull the trigger on this one, but with ½ the day gone and knowing it was the last poke at a Montana Buck for me I put the bag down and decided it was time. I’m thinking ‘Sky wasn’t sure of me shooting, because he didn’t get it on tape. I can’t get to mad because I got him back later (Unintentionally).

He said the deer was 368 yards and the Wind was coming hard from the Left side. I laid down, adjusted a bit and slowly squoze the trigger (IS SQUOZE a word ?!?!?) the buck was obviously hit but moving around so I tried another shot missing it moving. It didn’t take long to see that it was rolling down the hill and the hunt was over…..

Here is some pics…




HERE is were I shot from Looking into were the buck was. It was just to the Left of the 2 dark trees. The 2nd pic is at the deer looking back to were I shot from. It was just to the Right of the Plateau in the middle. Not a bad shot eh (OR dam lucky once again !!!)


Here is me packing it out, I don’t want to call ‘Sky a wussy but he made me pack all it out myself …. (OK, HE didn’t make me but It was sure fun !!!)


After heading out we seen some does down the road. Since Big Sky had a doe and a buck tag I thought it to be cool to get the doe shot on Video. He agreed and we bailed out and started heading up the canyon. We were getting set up and a buck jumped out. ‘Sky had a few seconds to decide and KABANG !!! Buck down !! It took a little bit till we found it but my expert tracking nose sniffed it out. Either that or it was dumb butt luck !!! HAHA

Here is ‘Sky getting ready for the shot :


Here were the does standing up the ridge :

Here is his Buck :





We drug the deer back to the road and here is a picture looking back into the area it was at :



‘Sky’s buck on the Left dwarfs mine on the Right, Go figure that the guy taking ya hunting shoots the bigger buck !! Hehe. The funny thing is, we saw a Huge one on the way back to town…. Just goes to show ya, Never shoot the first little 4 point ya see, even if it’s your last day out.

In closing, Here is me looking over ‘Sky’s deer, YEP, It’s a keeper !!!!!


In closing I left Sky’s hose at 7AM and got home after sliding off the road 2 times just at the Idaho border a little in the ice and 992.8 miles later at 10:30PM…. Nothing like being on the road for 15.5 hours !!! HAHAH !!
You know Oscar if you brought fewer freaking hats with you, you might have room for trail mix and water?!? :D Nice pics though bro!
HAHA.. I'm a man of many hats.... the black hat is one that KIWI HUNTER sent me, Kept my ears warm while I was Road hunting ;)

I think Big SKY needed another pair of pants, Him and me seperated racing back to the truck and he hopped a fence and put a 6" "VENT HOLE" in his PAckage area :D :D I think if you look closely you can see it in one of the pics
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Moosie:
I think Big SKY needed another pair of pants, Him and me seperated racing back to the truck and he hopped a fence and put a 6" "VENT HOLE" in his PAckage area :D :D I think if you look closely you can see it in one of the pics

I am not gay so I dont need to look there
:rolleyes: ;) :D
Good Story Dude, and Great Pics! YOu gonna get up to look for elk at the end of the month or what?

PS..I like the pic with the truck and the one looking up at you and your buck the best!
Congrat to Moosie and Big Sky!

Great pics and Great story Oscar. I sure would love to tag along with you boys.. Would have been a hell of a time with the Montana boys..Hopefully you'll be down her in Colorado hunting deer and I'll get to hang out with ya. Anyways Congrats again to all of ya!
Nobody writes a story quite like Oscar.. Great Story, great pics, great hunt, great trophy.. What the hell else can I say... It was great....

Congratulations Oscar... see you in Jackson later in the month..


You aren't giving yourself enough credit. Those are five points. Anyone who doesn't count brow tines should get there ass kicked. That's your second warning!! The first warning was smashing my mouth into FGH head. One more time and it's me and you.
As for that guy in the bar. Well, I know my limit but I think I could have dropped him with a good old blind side shot. Some people may not think that is fair but we all do it to animals all the time. Why not do it to some big asshole in a bar who actually deserves it? The bad part is if I was wrong and he didn't go down I'd be eating yogert 3 meals a day for a long time. I probably wouldn't get laid much either. I broken face and no teeth doesn't get you anywhere.
Next time you are in MT we are going to drop a big elk with a shot to the heart and a big asshole with an elbow to the jaw!

P.S. I didn't know WeekeedWarrior was playing prison rules with the bottle when that all was going down! Respect...

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 11-13-2002 18:50: Message edited by: The_Yetty ]</font>
Nice bucks, guys! Sounds like a pretty eventful trip, Oscar! You going to make another one for that elk?

Yetty, are you seriously the only other person besides myself that counts brow tines? :eek: Or were you just giving Moose Man a hard time? :rolleyes: ;)

NUT, Ahhhh take a look, You know ya want to

TK, I didn't weigh him... But I packed him out all on my back.. So I'm guessing he was under 1,100 lbs ;) As far as the width, the butt measured 36"s chest 42.. Just like the women I like :D :D

Yetti.... Right on... I figured W.W. was going to take that dude. Both you fugg's are ALOT tougher then I thought. Usually guys that post like you two weigh a buck 05 and wear glasses... CAN ya take some time off durring the week ? We'll go out, I'll make it worth your while, Not in $$'s but I promise not to do Strike 3 ;) Also, If I'm counting Browtines, Why not jsut count all points and say a 10 pointer ... ?~?~?

Horn Seeker,not sure if I can make it back or not.. Real buisy at work and the 8 month ol' NAG.. Errrr Wife (Jsut kidding babe
) hardly lets me hunt.. MAtter of fact, I was jsut adding up the days I was Afield this year and it barely adds up to 50 DAYS.. LIKe thats ALOT or something.. Dang women and all ;) Glad you could see the pics this time !! Kudos on your elk too..l I haven't made the congrats there but I'm way behind on the posting..

AZ402, Thanx Stan

Boman, If I can Swing it, I'll be with Deerking next year, We'll definately have a beer or something there, I'm guessing you're closer then 'Sky's place 992.8 miles from here :eek: You also said

"Hopefully you'll be down her in Colorado hunting" I hope you meant HERE and not her ..hehe

10-4 DANR !!! Thanx for the compliment, I actually use spell check, Sorry bout that.. hehe BUT it's not the last story I'll post, I have a Cellphone/SKI Karate post thats coming out in 2 days... Funnier on film, But you'll like it !~! HAHA

Elkhunter, Notice the hat..

Twolf.. THANX BRO !!!!
Thanks for the story and pictures. That is a great one of you with the buck on your back. Makes me wish I still had an A-tag in my pocket. Guess you will have to get back to MT when you can spend a more time. If you play your cards right I might even let you buy me a beer or four.

That is some nice looking country Big Sky, is there much public ground around that area?
Very very nice catch. There pretty gosh darn big. I can't wait till I get my chance to get something like that. Very cool pics.
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