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Apr 5, 2015
Getting a new female lab hunting puppy soon and was wondering what to name her. Would appreciate if anybody could give me some suggestions on any unique names. Tia!
We just had a litter of lab pups, the 2 females were in it just went to the new owners this weekend they were named Sierra and Bella. Other names for some of the female pups we have had in our litters that come to mind are Berkeley, Emma, Nova, Sadie, Riley, Jenny and Irish. We are due to get a female lab pup in a couple of months and we have picked out "Keppa" for her name.
I am a big fan of geographic names. Either a name associated with certain geographies or places you like, or an actual toponym.

Our dog growing up was named after a gulch near our house that we all loved. My next dog will be named after my favorite regional author. I'll call him Norman.
I like to keep the names to "ONE" syllable if possible. Some believe that dogs react better to a short one syllable name. I have had "BREE".. she was named that when I got her. "HANK & MIKE" were the next two dogs. Named after my grandfather, Henry & grandmother, Michaeline. Next two dogs were "SCOUT", named after the girl the movie "To Kill a Mockingbird" and Browndog. I could not think of a meaningful name for Browndog and after calling him that for the first 6 months I felt that it fit him just right. I just call him "Brown" for short. I broke the rule for the new pup with LOLA. Still like the one syllable names best. Good luck and have fun with the new pup.

good luck to all
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My dog was Doc and my next lab will be Bow/Bo. It will be short for Turbo and or just simply Bow. I Miss Doc every day.
I've had a lot of dogs, toby,lady,buffy,sam,snuffy,digger,nibz,goose,tank,blonde,babs and smokey.
It all comes down to personal preference and a dogs demeanor and or color attitude etc..
Howsabout "Getoverheredammit", or "Dropthatshoe", or "Getoffthetable"?
We once had a yellow lab we got as a puppy. We named him Moose after he bowled all his litter mates over to get to their food bowl, he was the biggest of them.
I'll disagree with pointingdog. I like 2 syllable names. To me they yell easier! ;)

Just don't name them after past girlfriends if your married...

Nameless- I've read that is now a state law in MT and a reason for the number of "Bridgers" in dog parks throughout the crunchier parts of the state. ;)
I presently have a gsp named Rudy, after the football movie of the same name. My wife just calls him "DA" short for Dumb Ass. He is turning into a great chukar dog, but he definitely knows how to get him self in trouble around the house.
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My 10 month old female GWP was named Willow by my daughter. She named my last four pups all females. Brittney- Skeeter, Chocolate Lab-Reese (short for Reese's Peanut Butter Cup), Llewellin-Olive,
Stripper names work great for dogs. Let's start with your basic run-of-the-mill stripper names: Amber, Allannah, Ariel, Belle, Brianna, Brooke, or Celseste...Or Morgan, Monique, Nadia, Brandy, Nina, or Paige...Or Sabrina, Tanya, Veronica, and Kyla....There's Devon, Andie, Justine, or Lena or Shay. These are okay, but generally...boring.

It's not my style, but you could opt to go with "cute": For example, Bambi, Barbi, Darling, Genie, Goldie, or Jewell. With strippers, it's usually good to stay away from cute...I'm not too sure about hunting dogs.

More androgynous: Charlie, Frankie, Sammie, Marti, Jessie, Jamie, and Taylor.

More animalistic: Fox, Foxine, Foxetta, Puma, Kat and Raven...And...Ravenesse.

If your looking to set a mood (for your buddies in the field and stream) you might go with: Envy, Echo, Ivy, Mystique, or Shadow...Or how about: Aria, Sunset, Harmony, Velvet, or Midnight.

Depending on the weather and the season, you could choose classics like: Summer, Autumn, Breeze, Tuesday, Stormy, or Rain

Okay, If you want to focus on more tasteful names, you've got: Honey, Peaches, Cinammon, Carmel, and don't forget...Creamy.

You can't go wrong with a stripper location theme. You've got: Berlin, Asia, Montana, Savannah, Eden, Dayton, Paris, Chyenne, Chyna, Phoenix, Georgia, and of course, Venus and Star. These show some innovation.

Finally, you can't miss with a good porn star-stripper combo name: Some favorites (in no particular order): Anastasia, Roxette, Kendra, Kumi, Jezebelle, Sasha, Seven, Layla, Kayla, Kinzie, Catalina, Gianna, Aurora, Lux, Lexus, Electra, and don't forget... Destiny.

I'm saving Destiny for my next dog.
I usually use historical or mythological names that aren't common any more. My pointer is named Quetzal, short for Quetzalcoatl. Our black lab is Phantom. Our Siamese cat is Kublai (Kahn). Some other names I've used or probably will: Calypso, Thor, Chronos, Odin, Freya, Mab, Ragnar. Shizu. I don't limit it to a single syllable, but the name does need to have a clear, powerful sound for use in the field.
Thanks for all the sugestions! I may just have to wait and see her first and decide. I'm sure something will come to me.