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Hunting Clothes and scent control

I do shower with scent free soap but for hunting clothing I hunt the wind.
There are numerous books and articles but the truth is you cannot beat a deers nose. Hunt with the wind in your face and you will have much more succes that tying to beat a deers nose. Pack your hunting clothes in pine branches or leaves of a type that are found in the area you hunt. Shower before each hunt with scent free soap. Wash your hunting clothing in scent free and UV free detergent. That is the best you can do. Try to keep the wind in your face. Nothing and I mean nothing else works. Good luck in your future hunts, try to set up your stand with wind in your face and back to a direction deer are unluckily to approach from.
I am new to hunting where would I find a good book or pointers on scent control for hunting deer. I have 20 acres of private land to hunt on and am just starting.
See post #13.

If by scent control you mean reducing your scent, don’t attempt it. I wish I had someone give me that advice 25 years ago. Instead of learning about how a deer’s nose works, thermals, and topography, I focused on “scent products”. I fed entirely into the marketing narrative. Hunting media features models modeling scent control products. If you want to be a hunting product consumer, by all means, play along. If you are interested in becoming a more proficient hunter, tune it all out.

Here is a primer:

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