HT Hillbilly Fest 2003?


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Aug 22, 2001
Henderson, KY
In case anyone's interested in recreating the madness of last November, the new KY hunting guide is now available at .

New this year: The proprietor of the Hillbilly Fest is strongly considering coming up with a few stands to hang so that certain Tennesseeans won't come so close to being run down by charging does.
Also, the search widens for a better restaurant, and maybe even one that knows what mutton is.
Could there be a cookout in the future? Ooo, it's all so exciting!
Suggestions are welcome!
Darren, I will be there again this year if at all possible...with the new job

tongue.gif wouldn't be the same without me

Also I would say that MEATHEAD will be with me.
Tell me more about this hunt,my brother lives in Louisville
Count me in, with or without Flipper. I think I can still find it.

A cookout sounds like it would be great if we didn't have a down pour like a day or two before like last year.
Seldom, I have a little piece o' heaven in Christian County that has its share of deer. (I'd guess it to be about 2 or 2-1/2 hours from Louisville.) Last year Nut, Family of Nut, Flipper, and Meathead came down/up/over for the rifle season opener in November. I'm hoping to make it a bit of a yearly tradition as long as time, tempers, and jobs permit. Things were a bit helter-skelter last year, what with lots of prior rain, some idgit's truck getting hung up in mud twice (
) , and poor planning on the host's part (
again ). Not to mention a trip to the hospital for one of us.
Nevertheless, much fun was had and a few deer managed to get killed. TurkeyEye, Son of Nut, got his first deer while we were there; you might have seen a few pics of that.

Anyway, I'm hoping to improve on things a little this year, and all are invited! If you want more info shoot me an email and I'll fill you in on whatever you want to know. I can tell you that the folks I met so far are worth the trip.
If I put in now I might even get a day or two off by then.
Well Could not of ask for a better host. And he should have not tried to go so much out of his way in the MUD his truck is 2 wheel drive.
Darren just worries to much. Everything was just prefect. {A chevy pulling a dodge} The hunting to.
i would love to make it this year. it sounded like lots of fun last year.if you come up with a date ill have to see what happens.i have a few things in the works in november but i will know about it all in a month or so.
That sounds like you guys will have a blast again. I wish I was closer to some of these events so I could get in on the fun as well.
I'll be coming there to visit you soon Bill. Hopefully my dad and I will be able to come out there for the hunt in November, but if not I'll be out there shortly.
I tell you what if some of the wives want to come along I will forgo the hunt and we can go and do other things there is gambling about 30 mins from there
there was even a lot of shops to go too
Seldom, the mail is on its way back! Tnctcb, if it goes like last year it'll be the rifle season opener on the weekend of November 8th. Come on up!

Dangit, Vipe, you can't be telling people that or there'll be no one to go hunting!
I've about halfway made up my mind about a decent restaurant, too...the only problem is that it's another 30 minute drive in a different direction.
But Nut is guaranteed to get some decent mutton there (or as good as it gets around here).
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